If there’s one thing about life that is 100% true, it’s that time keeps moving forward…no matter how much we try to stop it or slow it down…

And that’s why you have to appreciate each and every day!

So, in the spirit of watching time pass by, how about we check out some cool photos that highlight the passage of time.

Take a look!

1. This is pretty cool.

I wish I had one of these.

25 years of use vs brand new stored in closet
byu/ground_wallnut inWellworn

2. Now, this is totally crazy!

I’ve never heard of anything like this before.

This jigsaw has sat on my coffee table for so long it fused into a flexible mat.
byu/Cobalt-Red inmildlyinteresting

3. I think you’re right about this one.

You gotta replace them at some point.

I think it was about time for new tires on my RC car.
byu/DoctorWhoniverse inWellworn

4. I don’t know what a climbing brush is, but I think this is interesting.

Can anyone out there help me out?

Climbing brush, ~8 years of use (bottom) vs no use (top)
byu/NMEMine inWellworn

5. Please don’t touch my nose.

Now look what you did!

You nose its been touched a lot
byu/freshzealand inWellworn

6. They just can’t resist touching him.

I mean, who could, right?

For a lot of people, he is a good boi
byu/Scatola inWellworn

7. A lot of flyers have been up there over the years.

I wonder how many staples that is…

Staples from posters after four decades
byu/ReefyView inWellworn

8. This is crazy!

Doesn’t even seem possible.

28 years worth of sun damage on the left half of a trucker’s face.
byu/Twisted_Shogun inWellworn

9. I love that old design!

You should keep digging to see what else is out there.

Dug up a very old orange crush can in my garden yesterday
byu/Klabble inmildlyinteresting

10. This is interesting, but kind of disgusting.

Maybe it’s time to clean that wall?

Greasy head stains in doctors waiting room
byu/rickuk88 inmildlyinteresting

11. Yoda has seen better days.

The guy has really been through the wringer.

New Yoda vs 2 years old Yoda
byu/ceilingfanfriend inWellworn

12. That’s a really long time to keep a towel.

They must have been pretty attached to it.

My friend’s childhood towel after 20 years
byu/MyWholeLifelsThunder inmildlyinteresting

13. It’s been sitting there for a long time.

Just patiently waiting for someone to take it home…

This box of crayons at the corner gas station lost most of its color.
byu/Dmxmd inmildlyinteresting

Have you seen any photos that really surprised you lately?

If so, share them with us in the comments.

Thanks a lot!