Bring on the corny Dad jokes!

Dads exist on this planet for a few very specific reasons: to provide for their families, to fall asleep on the couch every night, and, of course…to make super cheesy Dad jokes that only they can pull off!

It’s just part of their DNA, okay?

So sit back, relax, and enjoy these good, old-fashioned Dad jokes that are sure to make you smile.

Hats off to all the Dads out there who are doing great work!

1. That’s what he means.

This one took me a second…

Photo Credit: Reddit

2. Grapes helping each other out.

A little grape humor never hurt anyone, right?

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3. Hahahaha. Hey o!

RanSomWare…very clever.

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4. Feelin’ those numbers.

I really must be slow because this one took me a second, too.

Photo Credit: Reddit

5. Least spoken.

Very few words…

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6. I see why…

This is not bad. Not bad at all…

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7. Must have magical powers.

Oh, I get it now…

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8. This is a classic.

Groaning for days.

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9. Very moved by this one.

Don’t you cry tonight.

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10. Jammin’ out hard in there.

Printers need to rock once in a while.

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11. Good dog!

Time to round up.

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12. Ganged up on you.

Those damn odds…

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13. Don’t get too close.

That looks good to me…

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You saw them. You loved them.

And we don’t want you to deny it.

Just go with it!

Do you have any funny/ridiculous/painful Dad jokes you’d like us to see?

Please share them with us in the comments! We’ll be eternally grateful!