When you head off to work, or sit down to do it at home, what kind of goal do you have in mind?

Do you feel inspired to make something exceptional? Are you racing the clock? Or are you looking to put in literally the smallest amount of effort possible without getting fired?

It seems like a lot of folks who are aligned largely with that last mentality end up with their work proudly displayed on r/OneJob, a place on Reddit where we can marvel at failure.

So without further ado, let’s get to marveling.

13. Tile style

This would drive me so insane if I had to see it on a regular basis.

12. Red and black

And just where do you think you’re going, little guy?

11. Sotp


10. Warning signs

“Should we move this?”
“Not my job, not my problem.”

9. Slice of life

This is chaotic evil right here.

8. Free samples

This place clearly spares no expense.

7. Un-bear-able

What hath God wrought?

6. Peek-a-boo

I think accessibility is kind of the entire point of these but ok.

5. Another brick in the wall

Whatever, good enough, it’s Miller time.

4. The scramble

Imagine riding your bike through here and suddenly just panicking.

3. Salt of the earth

“Did you refill the shakers?”

2. Out of line

He’s making a break 4 it!

1. Life’s a bench

He’s communing with nature.

Eh, we’ve all been there.

What’s a time you failed at your one job?

Tell us in the comments.