Few things are more aesthetically pleasing than a well-organized chart.

Whether it’s a flow chart for work or even one of those customary restaurant CPR diagrams, there’s just something about orderly visual information that makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Nowadays, that sort of feeling is mostly reduced to memes… Which isn’t bad, but it isn’t necessarily good, either.

If you’re looking for a little more intellectual stimulation, you’re in luck. We’ve got a fresh batch of the internet’s finest coming your way. Here are 13 fun charts that are both cool and fairly educational.

12. NATO Phonetic Alphabet

That’s what this thing is called. You’re welcome.

11. Golf swings

I don’t call them any of these, I just scream swear words.

10. Water and land

Get your butte over here.

9. Fruit products

It’s all jelly to me, man.

8. Generations

Where do you fit in?

7. Animal lifespans

Ah, to be a clam. Centuries of life in exchange for literally never doing anything ever.

6. Dash lights

Maybe check this before you slap some electrical tape over it.

5. Screws and bolts

Never embarrass your dad again.

4. War planes

From “small vroom” to “big vroom.”

3. Types of sugar

I’ll take them all, please.

2. Bacon methods

You can’t go wrong.

1. Screw heads

They look like flags of questionable organizations.

And there ya have it, hope you found something useful there!

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