No doubt about it, the pandemic has affected the eating habits of a whole lot of folks out there.

There are pretty much two options right now: the first is that you’ve taken this interesting time in history to get in shape and finally get in the habit of sticking to a good diet during quarantine.

Or you’ve thrown in the towel and you just can’t get enough of pizza, tacos, ice cream, and beer…lots and lots of beer.

So which one describes you?

While you ponder that question, enjoy these hilarious tweets about the eating habits that people have taken up during the pandemic.

Let’s see what they had to say!

1. Cabin fever in full effect.

Just go with it.

2. Don’t do it…DON’T DO IT.

This is a daily ritual for many of us these days.


3. Can you guys leave the house for a while?

Mommy needs to eat all the KitKats.


4. Living a rugged life.

Keeping it real!

5. I bow to you.

We are part of the same tribe.

6. We’ve changed.

That’s not necessarily a BAD change.

7. I’m dealing with it.

Dealing with it with FOOD. And lots of it.

8. This is your life now.

But hopefully not forever.

9. That’s a good way to cope.

I just ate Tony’s lunch again!

10. Kind of the same thing…

Sort of? Right?

11. Just do it!

No use in fighting that urge.

12. Nothing to worry about.

It’s just an old-fashioned ice cream cough.

13. Everything is totally fine.

What, this isn’t normal?


Alright, it’s confession time.

In the comments, tell us what you’ve been eating during the pandemic…and don’t lie to us!

We promise we won’t judge you…at least that much.