We live in very tense times

I’m not even talking about out there in the world in general, but rather in our homes where we’re locked in with some of the craziest people we know: our family members.

Someone tweeted out a funny observation about what’s going on with his wife and it opened up the floodgates.

Here were some funny responses about how married people are getting on each others’ nerves and pushing buttons.

Let’s see what they had to say.

1. You’re acting in a very suspicious manner…

Don’t hold out on me, now.

2. The light game: an old classic.

It never gets old!

3. It really works in any situation.

Just have a great time with it!

4. Uh oh, even the meals are starting to get ugly.

You should probably start dining in separate rooms.

5. It’s called being “spontaneous.”

Also, watch your heads and your hips or you’ll have a lot of bruises.

6. This could turn into an all-out war.

Definitely not sustainable. Not at all…

7. Here comes the spin-off!

Hopefully, it will be less combative than the original. For your sake…

8. Always taking the difficult route.

Doesn’t that just drive you crazy?

9. Everything is going great!

It sounds like you two have a special connection.

10. That is NOT the plate for microwaved White Castle burgers!!

We’re teetering on the edge, here.

11. You might be crossing the line with this move.

You’ve been warned.

12. People definitely aren’t pulling their weight.

You feel like you’re on your own. We get it.

It’s rough inside these houses on lockdown, as I’m sure you well aware of.

Let’s hope everyone can be as chilled out as possible so tempers and emotions don’t boil over too much.

Now it’s your turn!

In the comments, tell us how you’re holding up and if you’re spouse, significant other, or family members are driving you up the wall.

It’s okay, go ahead and get it all out!