Unpopular opinion: Another baby is a good thing.

As we live in a society that devalues motherhood more and more, it’s important to see the counterpoints. Despite the numerous IUD commercials that tell women they can’t even keep houseplants alive so why should we be able to birth humans, we can, and should, look around to see happy and healthy mothers with thriving infants.

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Mothers travel, work, keep up with friends and have fulfilling hobbies. And, many want another baby.

Written by a woman who is proud of the family she already has, this lovely essay immerses readers in the quiet, sweet-smelling world of brand-new babies.

The writer celebrates the sweet thrill of having a tiny person so dependent on her for food, comfort and love.

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She writes:

I’ll be wandering the mall to pick up some new things for my kids, and it will hit me. I see those teeny baby clothes. You know the ones. The ones that come in a size that wouldn’t even fit the dolls my daughter plays with now. I stop what I’m doing and go over to look. I gently unfold the soft cotton and marvel over how at one point each of my three children was this size. They each lay in their bassinets and didn’t even fill them out.

Once that little human is given to you, the rest of the world fades away and it’s just you and your baby on your own time and in your own space. Motherhood is addictive. Another baby is more hope.

I remember their smells. The soft feel of their cheeks. The first bath where I gently sponged off their fresh pink skin. Putting mittens on their hands. Tucking their tiny feet under a blanket in their stroller.

The fragility of a baby. Their utter dependence on me, their mom. The way they’d stop crying the second I picked them up. How they never let me put them down those first few weeks. Their constant need and the sweetness of it all.

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You can read the entire essay on Her View From Home.

With every baby, mothers bring to the world new minds, ideas and creativity. We can’t control or predict the future. But, as mothers, we can bring forth new life and love.

Which is what the world needs now, more than ever.