Marriage is a constant cycle of give-and-take.

You make sacrifices, your partner does the same, and you try to find that perfect balance that allows you to live in harmony as a unit.

Buuuuuut, you have to admit that a lot of the time your “better half” makes you blow your top and drives you f**king insane.

Let’s all blow off a little steam, shall we?

So, how about you say “I do” to these funny marriage memes and allow yourself to laugh a little bit…

1. Tread very carefully, sir…

Do not ask that question, especially in these conditions.

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2. I don’t think so…

Won’t be having anything healthy FOR A LONG TIME.

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3. What the hell do you think you’re doing???

Bad move, buddy.

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4. Do you what gotta do.

Picture him in his jail cell…

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5. Let’s keep each other happy.

It’s a complicated dynamic, these dishes…

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6. You did WHAT????

You just pissed off your wife AND all the neighbors.

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7. Better with age.

So stay down there for a while, okay?

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8. She can change on a dime.

See how fast that was?

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9. Greatest Husband Alive!

You really did it! Hooray!

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10. And then what happened…?

Well, it’s a long story…

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11. That special someone.

Annoy the shit out of them for a lifetime!

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12. Starting to get on her nerves.

Can’t you go chew in the other room?

13. Who am I supposed to complain to?

Might be time to find a shrink.

Those sure are funny! And accurate, too, right?

Hey, how are YOU doing? Is your spouse or partner driving you insane right now since you’re locked down together?

In the comments, give us an update…and if you wanna talk some trash, we won’t tell your significant other a word!