Never assume that box of crickets you’ve accepted into your home for the family’s pet lizard is sealed.

Unfortunately for this dad, he did not double-check the security of the packaging of his lizzie’s din-din. Fortunately for us, he did post the whole hilarious story.

Escapees and chaos follow.

The crickets arrive…unsecured.

Who would’ve thought they came that way?

Ingraham failed to brief his wife on the situation.

It was probably for the best she figured it out on her own, though.

“One or two got out.” That’s cute.

More like one or two thousand.

Infestation ensues.

Followed by a generalized skin crawling sensation.

For every one you see, there’s a thousand nearby.

Like spiders, cockroaches and sharks.

That’s 45-minutes of his life scooping up crickets he’ll never get back.

At least the cats were entertained.

They’ll be finding generations crickets for years.

Are Tweets admissable evidence in justifiable homicide?

Please. No pictures are necessary.

My itchy-ness tells me this really happened.

This incident happened over a year ago, but I can only imagine the looks Ingraham’s wife still shoots him every time they hear a cricket chirping. They probably don’t even sit outside on nice summer evenings anymore.

My question is about their lizard. Did it get to eat any of the crickets or did it just sit in its aquarium watching its meal hop all around? And, I’m sorry. What’re you supposed to do with a big box of loose crickets? Where do you store them? In a canister on your kitchen counter next to the sugar and flour?

Cricket ranchers…you can do packaging better than this.