Man, I love The Simpsons.

The iconic TV show has been going strong for over 30 years now and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

And speaking of SIGNS (see what I did there?), one of the many hilarious parts of the show is the various signs you see in episodes of The Simpsons.

Sometimes, you have to look fast so you can spot them, but they’re always looming around Springfield and they are always funny.

Here are 13 great signs from the show.

1. Ahhh, the old nuclear power plant.

You just know that Mr. Burns is always tied up in lawsuits.

Photo Credit: Fox

2. Throwing some shade at a specific Canadian city.

Sorry, all you Winnipeggers.

Photo Credit: Fox

3. This one is good.

A very clever play on words.

Photo Credit: Fox

4. They’re always taking shots at the folks in power…

…And I love it!

Photo Credit: Fox

5. Failing at raising kids together!

No more playing “the blame game.”

Photo Credit: Fox

6. Sounds like a deal.

I can hear Dr. Hibbert laughing now.

Photo Credit: Fox

7. Time to get rid of those imaginary friends.

Say goodbye to your childhood.

Photo Credit: Fox

8. Sad, but true.

A trip to the zoo wouldn’t be complete without a sign like this.

Photo Credit: Fox

9. Which one is worse for Homer?

I’m guessing the second sign.

Photo Credit: Fox

10. You know Lisa is going to have trouble with this one.

She’s not one to push the boundaries, even a little bit.

Photo Credit: Fox

11. Hahaha. Spot-on!

Going pretty deep on this one.

Photo Credit: Fox

12. Let that one sink in…

I’m sure some folks won’t like this one.

Photo Credit: Fox

13. A political statement.

And an accurate one.

Photo Credit: Fox

Like I said, I just can’t get enough!

Are you a big fan of The Simpsons?

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