I’ve been watching you and I have something in store for you that I think you’re really going to like…

Just hear me out, okay?

What would you think about…SOME HYSTERICAL TWEETS!

Did I just see you smile? Yes! I knew you’d be on board with this incredible idea that I cooked up! You’re welcome, by the way…

Okay, let’s knock off the chit chat and get busy with some laughter. Start now!

1. Things went downhill pretty quickly.

This is a weekly ritual for many people.

2. That’s the only reason I can possibly think of…

I mean, she must’ve missed that message, right?

3. Over and out.

Who’s in it for the long haul out there?


4. I’m with you!

They’ll still probably zap you with their ray guns.

5. What am I looking at here?

I bet that throws a lot of people off.


6. Here they come again…

This is pretty brilliant, by the way.

7. I’d love to meet her!

She sounds absolutely delightful, doesn’t she?

8. That laundry is really living its best life.

Good for you!

9. I think only hipsters are gonna get this reference.

Am I right about that?


10. Thanks to both of them.

What would we do without them?!?!

11. Yes, I think they use bobby pins.

That makes sense, right?

12. That’s always a big moment.

You did it again!


13. I think a lot of people feel this way.

Well, at least you’re honest about it.


What’s the absolute funniest tweet that you’ve seen lately that really made you LOL?

Well, don’t hog it!

Share that good stuff with us in the comments. Thanks!