There are no universal experiences in life because each of us is walking a path unique to us and our specific understanding of the world.

With that said, there are some experiences that 99.9% of people seem to be able to relate to on some level – which is what Instagram account @truthfactsofficial is counting on with these 13 infographics.

I might be totally basic, but all of these seem totally true to me – take a look and see if you agree or not!

1. Everyone does it.

That makes it ok, right?

2. Sleep is so delicious.

I mean, sex is ok, too (says the woman somewhere in the middle).

3. That’s some cheap wine.

Not that I’m judging.

4. This is so gross.

They look so hot, though, so I’m torn.

5. There’s no right answer.

At least you can chew off our leg to get out of the bear trap.

6. The older you get, the steeper the curve.

And if you’re a woman, double¬†that.

7. Why is this a thing?

Just let people live their lives, y’all!

8. We could all use a break.

From what depends on where you are right now.

9. Hard truths.

Remember, don’t read the comments.

10. Test anxiety is a real thing.

For some of us, anyway.

11. Every last time.

Just once, it could be the hot guy.

12. Unless you don’t want a second date.

Which, not everyone does. I’m just saying.

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13. We do love a reason to shop.

Life used to be more simple, eh?

So funny, and so true. At least for me.

Which of these cracked you up with its realness?

Tell us in the comments!