Marriage is a precious institution, even if you and your spouse spend most of your time texting memes to each other from separate rooms. I mean you’re not expected to talk to each other all the time. That’s for newlyweds–suckers.

Here are 13 hilarious memes you can add to your library.

1. Oh, honey?

Is this what you like?


2. Um, thank you?

At least she doesn’t have to pay the gym monthly fees to be ogled.

3. He said never change.

Now he wants change.

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4. Practice makes perfect.

Repeat 50,000 times.

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5. It’s called what’s in the script.

Doesn’t make it less confusing.

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6. Oh, pool boy?

My cup’s empty.

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7. That’s the deal.

The kids want waffles, thanks.

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8. Why you should get drunk together.

Then no one’s annoying.

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9. He’s behind the shed.

Just leave him there.

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10. It’s not so much what he says.

It’s the intent behind it.

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11. Does he bang a drum too?

I like the flip flops.

12. Ah, sweet romance.

Here’s my butt.

13. It’s the only way to live.

And then you get to die.

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Marriage means having someone to grab your wrinkly, old butt. So show your man or woman how much you appreciate them and yell something nice from upstairs. They’ll feel good about being with you forever too.