Why work harder when you can work smarter? If that’s not already one of your life mantras, you should make it on ASAP.

Some people are truly living on another planet when it comes to little tips and tricks that make their lives so much easier. Boring, mundane tasks are suddenly optimized to the fullest, saving them time and money.

For inspiration, here are 15 genius ideas people discovered that could help make your life better, too.

1. Cauliflower ‘Popcorn’

Can’t believe we didn’t think of this first.

Wonderful life hack for enjoying popcorn with kids under 4! This way you get your treat & they get a safer alternative!
byu/TheRealMrsElle inlifehacks

2. Water Popsicles

This is pure genius. No more sticky sugar residue all over the house.


Introducing my kids favorite treat that they constantly beg for… WATER POPSICLES💀😭😂 #momlife #momsoftiktok #parentlife #tiktokmom

♬ LMFAO – shocking

3. Cookie Hack

Seriously, who wants to get their fingers wet?

1. You have a nice handle for grip 2. You can dip the whole cookie without getting your fringers wet.
byu/tP-linK34 inlifehacks

4. Study Tip

Save time you would’ve spent flipping through the book.

Highlight page edges in a book to find where you have previously written notes
by inlifehacks

5. Fridge Goals

This is just straight-up brilliant.

I Konmari’d the fridge!
byu/sariejanemitt inkonmari

6. Foolproof Furniture

Ugh this is so smart!

Putting together furniture? Use some of its styrofoam packaging for keeping small parts from disappearing!
byu/cute-e-lad inlifehacks

7. Closet Tip

Yep, we’re gonna be trying this ASAP.

Put the coat-hanger through the loops on your jackets so they don’t slide off !
byu/Rorythomas99 inlifehacks

8. Squeeze Idea

Never fight with your toothpaste tube again.

Use a food clip on your toothpaste
byu/00sharkface inlifehacks

9. Artist’s Hack

What smudges?

No more smudging or lead on the hand
byu/Colin1023 inlifehacks

10. Kitchen Pro

It’s seriously so annoying when you get ketchup and mustard on your fingers. This is brilliant!

Wrap a piece of lettuce around one side of your sandwich/burger to keep the goods from falling out the other side.
byu/B-ha-P inlifehacks

11. Travel Tip

Great way to reuse those old TicTac boxes and keep them out of the landfills, too.

When traveling, I pack loose bobby pins in an old TicTac box. Not only is it easy to dispense them this way, but I hardly ever lose them like I used to and they don’t end up scattering all over the bottom of my bag.
byu/bbppbbpp inlifehacks

12. Built-In Snack

This girl is gonna go places in life, we can just tell.

13. Scrunchie Goals

We’re jealous we didn’t think of this sooner.

Dollar store paper towel holder (literally $1) … now a scrunchie holder!
by inorganization

14. Glove Recycler

Yes! This is so smart!

Pierced washing up gloves come handy
byu/kartocka inlifehacks

15. Parenting Pro

What a smart way to use the Mickey waffle iron!

Want a fun lunch for the kids? Waffle irons are great for making quick grilled cheese sandwiches, especially if you have one that makes a neat shape
byu/ThnkWthPrtls inlifehacks

It’s so awesome that people can be this creative. And that they’re willing to share their little life improvements with the rest of us here on the internet.

What’s your favorite life hack that you’ve discovered?

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