As I was approaching the big 3-0, people kept telling me “You really become yourself in your 30’s. You know who you are by then.”

And yanno, it’s kinda true. I do know who I am now. And who I am is a person who had a limp the other day because he stretched too hard during a yawn.

It’s a burden to bear. But at least there are good memes about it.

Here are a lucky thirteen set of memes about what it’s like to be in the thirties club.

13. Time travel

“Sorry I missed your text, I was definitely not conscious.”

12. Netflix and wait

We would have to wait like four days to pick something new. It’s insane to think about now.

11. Sleep sound

There’s just no winning with me

10. The early night rises

I will make no apology for this, it’s one of the greatest changes I’ve ever experienced.

9. Stuck in the middle

I guess I’m just the right age for, I don’t know, stress?

8. Feel the burn

You’re gonna think you’re dying, but in a good way.

7. Committing adultery

I’d like to speak to my own manager, please.

6. Helpful tips

I’m not a rebel anymore but I am still without a cause.

5. Dog tired

The eyes are the window to the soul. When the blinds shut, you’re cut right off.

4. Supermarket sweeps

This priority shift is important.

3. Walking on air

But think of all the things I couldn’t fry before!

2. Just what I always wanted

I literally never even notice the substitutions.

1. iKnow

$400 pirated-music players is what they were.

I may be leaving my prime, but that doesn’t mean I’m done making mistakes. Look out world, 30’s me is here.

What’s the strangest thing about being your age?

Tell us in the comments.