Psst. Hey. Are you at work right now? Or like, at home but supposed to be working? Right on. We won’t tell anybody you’re scrolling through memes. We got your back.

Just look at these memes quick before somebody notices.

15. Zoom boom

Any chance you’ll buy it if I blame the dog?

14. Miss me

Meetings are proof that there is a God and he wants us to suffer.

13. Breaking apart

Lemme finish this linguini and I’ll get the hose.

12. Don’t question me

Guess the break is just more permanent now.

11. Hair raising tales

Also there were a bunch of really static-y balloons on the road.

10. Not so cute

This cycle takes place over the course of roughly 20 minutes.

9. Living the meme

I want to make fun of this but looking at / talking about memes is literally what I’m getting paid to do right at this very minute.

8. Holy sheets

An immovable object meeting an unstoppable force.

7. Living vs living

When do I get to the part where I can stop?

6. The supervisor

“Love what you’re doing but do you think we could try for a little chunkier?”

5. Not my problem

Fly away friend, just fly away.

4. Get out

Why even give me this company computer then?

3. Snitches get stitches

I don’t need my business up in my business.

2. Another day, another dollar

No seriously, it’s going great.

1. Radical honesty

You do realize I’m going to be posting about this later.

Did anybody see that you were just meme scrolling? If so, tell them it’s for a project. Use the word “synergy” a lot. They’ll probably leave you alone.

What’s the best or worst thing about your job?

Tell us in the comments.