I think of Hallmark Christmas movies the way I think of Taco Bell menu items. It’s all the exact same ingredients rearranged in different ways, it’s all junk, and it’s all absolutely delicious.

To illustrate what I’m talking about, here are fourteen great Hallmark movie memes, and to FURTHER illustrate, I’ve labeled each one using a Hallmark Christmas Movie Title Generator.

13. A Very Merry Getaway

Am I going blind or are all of these the same people?

12. My Christmas Jingle

Citizen Kane? Never heard of the guy.

11. Once Upon an Inn

I need to consult with my food about this.

10. A Snowy Love

Look, is magic real or not?

9. A Very Merry Magic

I can’t do all this math, fire up another movie already.

8. My Christmas Winter

Is it worth it? Let me work it.

7. A White Holiday

We’ve all got a bingo right out of the gate.

6. A Festive Connection

Does whatever the other movie can.

5. A Magic for Christmas

“I guess I was so busy doing business, I forgot the business…of love.”

4. Surprise for Christmas

Boy are you in for a royal shock.

3. Wish in the Air

I spent decades building up that position, but, ok.

2. Once Upon a Winter

Get over here and let me love you, dang it.

1. The Jingle Envelope

It’s love at first sight, but even weirder somehow.

Can’t wait to settle in with my cocoa and watch an entire marathon of what is essentially the same movie over and over. That’s the TRUE reason for the season.

What’s your favorite Hallmark movie, and why is it all of them?

Tell us in the comments.