As I write this, we’re nearing the end of 2020. As you read it, we may well already be done. What’s it like over there? Is it better? At least a little? I sure hope so. Could you come pick me up? Could you take me with you?

See me (and literally every person on Twitter) is absolutely sick of this year, and we want out.

10. The grand tour!

Aw, look at us! We were so young back then!

9. The taste you crave

I mean, at least that would technically be edible.

8. The fine print

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.


7. Got your nose

Unless you’re Voldemort, you need to put the dang thing over your nose.

6. Let’s go over it again

Seriously, your nose is constantly spewing droplets and stuff.
It is, it turns out, part of your respiratory system.

5. It’s in the cards

Deal me out of the next hand, I’m done with this game.

4. Wanna get away?

We could still do the thirst trap pics, I guess, it’s just gonna be kinda awkward.

3. The agony of the feet

Why walk around when you can, yanno, not do that.

2. The big slip

Except this time congress didn’t really do anything about it.

1. The wait-and-see approach

Honestly, same. I gotta know what I’m getting into before I invest.


There’s very little to do so I’m literally counting down the minutes until we can put this horrible year behind us. Better get back to it. Those minutes won’t count themselves.

What was something GOOD that happened for you in 2020?

Tell us in the comments.