You ever feel like you just gotta go to work so you can make enough money to live in your house so you have somewhere to sleep between the times you go to work? Don’t think about that too hard, you’ll cry.

Instead, look at these memes about work. They’re much funnier.

13. Say my name

Things are about to get ugly.

12. Dark night of the soul

It’s about sending a message.

11. Meet and greet

Ugh, the commute is killer.

10. Curb your enthusiasm

None of us are living our best lives here, Sharon.

9. Translation errors

You gotta learn that corporate speak if you wanna make it in business.

8. Workplace boundaries

What could possibly convince you that I wanna hear about this?

7. Professionalism at all times

“Also, I have not changed my pants in several weeks.”

6. Observe and report

Does this technically count as a business trip so I can deduct it from my taxes?

5. Office intrigue

Nobody in this grid has got anything to smile about.

4. Super scary

The worst thing ever, no bones about it.

3. Mischief managed

I can feel you literally breathing down my neck, please stop.

2. One last thing

You could try yelling la la la as you run out the door, that usually works for me.

1. The best laid plans

I don’t know if this is going to work, but I’m certainly not.

Remember, there’s more to life than just work. There are also MEMES about work.

What’s the best/worst job you ever had?

Tell us about it in the comments.