It’s all a mystery…

As you can tell from the title of this article, I’m referring to women and the things about them that baffle men.

And we’re gonna get some real talk today from guys about what baffles them about women.

Let’s see what they had to say!

1. Over and over again.

“When I don’t understand something my wife says and I ask her to elaborate, she keeps repeating the same sentence over and over expecting me to understand it rather than explaining it.

I don’t understand why…”

2. Why did I wear this?

“How they don’t dress for the occasion.

They dress for the arrival.

And then after 5 minutes they aren’t comfortable.”

3. Overdoing it.

“Pillows. Bed for two people needs eight pillows. Wtf? Why?

Couch seats four. Twelve pillows. Guests come over. Move the pillows. Cleaning? Move the pillows. Straighten pillows. Fluff pillows. Complain pillows aren’t correct shade. Buy new pillows. Keep old pillows.

Arrange pillows old and new. By shade, ruffle, design, thickness, softness, emotional attachment, place of purchase, vibe . . . It’s like a Dr. SUESS book of pillows.”

4. TMI.

“Always baffles me just how much they share with their friends especially about s**.

As someone who’s worked with a lot of women there’s a few times they had me straight blushing, and I’m far from a prude lol.

They think guys always talk about s** but usually ours is limited to “yeah we hooked up, yeah it was good”.”

5. Hurry up!

“Take whatever time you need to get ready whether it be 30 minutes or 3 hours, then rush us when we’re about to leave to put our shoes on.”

6. Really?

“”Would you still love me if I was an earthworm”

Why? Just why?”

7. Just waiting around…

“My girlfriend annoys the hell out of me because she’ll tell me to get ready to go … and then she’ll wait for me to be completely 100% ready … and then she’ll start getting ready. Even though it takes her much longer.

So there I am, standing around and waiting, doing nothing while she gets ready.”

8. No middle ground.

“Shower with water that’s either boiling or freezing.

No in between.”

9. Hmmm…

“Walk right past the thermostat and then sit down and tell me to go turn up the heat.

My wife does this, the very moment I sit down she’ll call from the other room for me to get something gorgeous her.

Funny thing is we had her mum round on day and after been there for most the afternoon she actually asked her own daughter if she did it on purpose.”

10. Just say it!

“The signs, hints, signals all look like you’re just being nice and want to be friends.

I can’t interpret your desires, just tell me.”

11. It’s everywhere.

“How much hair strands they lose per day.

It’s a lot.”

12. I thought you said no.

“When you’re ordering food and you ask if they want some, and they say no. And you ask if they are sure, cause you’re happy to buy them some, and they say no.

And then they want just a bite of yours which turns into three bites and now you’re a jerk because you don’t want to share.”

13. Confusing.

“Get upset that you didn’t chase hard enough after they rejected you.

Multiple times I have had it come back to me that a girl actually wanted to go out with me, but she wanted me to “fight for her” and show some grand romantic gesture to win her over.

Nah, girl. That’s some creepy s**t. Relationships are a 2-way street, not one person putting the other on a pedestal. If you say you are not interested but actually still want to go out, then you have to be the one to initiate it. I’m not going to waste my(or your) time fawning over you.”

What baffles you about women?

Let us know in the comments.

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