13 Moms Who Captured Motherhood in One Photo

Put away your beautiful selfies, moms. We know that isn’t the real #momlife because these moms each capture motherhood in one real and hilarious photo.

13. Marker Fail.

12. Her backseat is now a kiddie war zone, equipped with snacks.

Photo Credit: Instagram, @Asheisele

11. “Legos on the stairs would DEFINITELY be the way I would go.”

10. “Gum and hair don’t mix.”

9. Nothing says dinner like a burnt meal.

Photo Credit: Instagram, @twnsix2

8. Target practice.

7. Two shoes, although mismatched, is still better than none.

6. You are still a rockstar.

5. Inside out or not, you remembered to wear a shirt. #Mombrain

4. “My brain convinced me to put the junk mail in the sink.”

3. When all else fails, write it down on your arm.

2. Hope that wasn’t her favorite mascara…

1. The day the kids discover the magic of toilet paper…

Cheers to motherhood!