Have you ever had trouble remembering important things that you feel like you should know?

Do you learn best when there are clever visual aids?

Then the Cool Guides subreddit might be for you!

The guides people post run the gamut from educational to entertaining, so you’re sure to find something that interests you.

And as head moderator Dadschool told Bored Panda, you’re welcome to post your own:

Just remember to avoid reposts, so have a look through the newest posts. We do try to maintain some content diversity, so don’t upload all ten of your favorite ab workout guides at once. If you have the source, be a buddy and list that too in the comments or title to give credit where it’s due!

So, without further ado, here are 13 of the best cool guides out there, from the factual to the funny and a little in between.

1. Gal code hand signals for a crowded room

These are ingenious, and college campuses should teach them.

Hand sign guide for loud bars
byu/the_real_snurre incoolguides

2. Heimlich for dogs

I’m not kidding when I say I’m going to print this for my fridge.
My dog is what the vet calls “not a dainty eater.”

For all you dog lovers out there
byu/mikeymikespeirs incoolguides

3. Open access to research

This should be taught in every library skills course.

How to get a scientific paper for free
byu/slickanglican incoolguides

4. How to make a paper snowflake

The only thing missing is how to actually fold the paper.
I guess that part everyone but me already knows?

Paper snowflakes
byu/thealiensgotme incoolguides

5. The art of a properly made sofa fort

One question: Why did I not learn this in Girl Scouts?

How to make an amazing sofa fort
byu/gmlg14 incoolguides

6. Easy way to remember Morse Code

In case you aren’t happy with only knowing SOS.

Morse Code Guide
by incoolguides

7. How to stop a panic attack

These are amazing tips for anyone.

Just a little something for the upcoming holiday season.
byu/killswitch4987 incoolguides

8. Survival skills: when you encounter a bear

Keep this one handy for your next hiking trip.

When coming in contact with a bear.
byu/twobirdsandacoconut incoolguides

9. Survival skills: when you encounter a waterfall

Tape this one in your kayak.

How to assert dominance over a waterfall
byu/reeces_geeses incoolguides

10. Survival skills: when you encounter a tattoo artist

Or you just want to show people how tough you are.

Tattoo Pain Chart
byu/toletpainter incoolguides

11. Survival skills: when you encounter an art snob

Just kidding. For art snobs you smile and nod.
This one is pretty funny though.

How to recognize the artists of paintings
byu/StygianUnknown incoolguides

12. How to describe your pain level

When you’re NOT getting a tattoo.

Guide to pain scale
byu/redcobra762 incoolguides

13. When you can’t keep your animals straight

Or you need inspiration on naming something inaccurately.

Animals with Misleading Names
byu/fsterneder incoolguides

These are all my favorites, and I hope that you enjoyed them too. (And maybe even learned something!)

What would you make a cool guide about? Tell us in the comments!