Sometimes, you have to cut people out, no matter how painful it is.

And sometimes, sadly, those people are your family members.

Let’s hear from AskReddit users about why they don’t talk to their family members anymore.

1. Terrible.

“When at my sister’s funeral they told me I had no reason to cry because I wasn’t really family because I was adopted.

I was adopted within my own family. We were still biologically related.”

2. What a jerk.

“When the ex-husband got released from jail for spousal a**se and restraining order violations, she gave him my new home address.”

3. Bad sister.

“My sister. She stole approximately $30k from my dad and $10k from my mom. She got credit cards in my dad’s name, too. He eventually had to file bankruptcy.

The money she stole from my mom was all her savings that she desperately needed when she was leaning an a**sive relationship. My parents were far from good parents, but they didn’t deserve to have their financial life completely destroyed.

I wish those were her only crimes. She was evil from as long as I can remember. She emotionally a**sed me and put me down for as long as I can remember. I was a sensitive kid, so I sadly believed everything she said. She tried to steal my friends and boyfriends. She ruined my clothes. She put me in unsafe and mature situations that took years of therapy to heal from.

Her theft, manipulation, selfishness, and narcissism took so much away from me. There was no money for a first car, college, etc. After she took what she wanted my dad was a shell of a person, so he couldn’t process how hard her actions had been on me, too. I lost all my protectors. I was alone.

There’s so much more I could share. I sometimes can’t believe I experienced what I did because it’s so bleak. I stopped all communication with her about 10 years ago and my life has positively changed as a result. I know she still tries to get friends and family to not like me because I’ve heard stories.

I don’t care what she does and I don’t care what anyone thinks. I know the truth and the trauma and I’m just happy to be free of her!”

4. Burning down the house.

“My wife’s mom. Among other things she attempted to burn down my house.

Whilst her daughter and grandson were inside. She’s a piece of s**t who’s going to d** bitter and alone and that’s just fine by all of her kids.”

5. Done with them.

“My Aunt’s husband a**sed me.

I told her.

She stayed with him.”

6. The last straw.

“My sister. She’s been a sporadically recovering drug addict for like 15 years.

The last straw was when she stole our checkbook out of my wife’s purse. At our father’s wake.”

7. Dear old dad.

“Because he was hitting on the nurse in the room where my mother was being compassionately extubated.

Oh yeah, he’s my dad.”

8. Ugh.

“Because he was made executor of Grandma’s estate and decided he and his sh**ty kids got everything. Her house with a couple acres, her newish car, her $1.5k adjustable bed, they got it all.

Mom didn’t have the funds to fight it on her own and her brother and sister didn’t feel like fighting for their share. F**k you, Uncle Tim, you greedy b**tard.”

9. Narcissist.

“She’s a grandiose narcissist who projects all of her negative qualities on any and everyone. When I tried to have a talk about all the a**se I endured as a child I was swiftly told that everything was my fault.

She’s attempted to pit my brother and I against each other for most of our lives. The memory that sticks with me was when I was 14 she said she’d make sure I never get to see my brother when we’re grown up.”

10. Boundaries.

“I had the “boundaries” talk with my parents 6 months ago.

It didn’t go well and haven’t talked with them since.”

11. Not anymore.

“I’m a white guy from Indiana who fell in love and married a Hispanic woman from Arizona.

Went back to Indiana for my grandmother’s funeral when my stepbrother wanted to tell r**ists jokes to my wife to “break the ice” and “lighten the mood” at the wake.

Yeah. I don’t talk to him anymore.”

12. Unopened.

“My aunt bought Christmas present for my son, not my stepson.

I asked politely if we could buy a present for him and say it was from her, she refused. I returned the present unopened.

After that, I’ve barely spoken to her for 20+ years.”

13. Raised wrong.

“When my dad d**d my family was like “You shouldn’t cry, he’s in heaven!”

Side note: I was 4 at the time. They did that every time someone d**d. I think that’s why I’m numb to d**th today.”

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