I went to a barbecue at an old friend’s house this summer and there were a ton of people there I grew up with and still remain close to.

It was a great night…until everyone had a few too many drinks and started telling humiliating stories about ME in particular.

Thanks a lot, guys! Remind me to never get in touch with any of you ever again.

AskReddit users shared stories about embarrassing moments from their pasts that continue to haunt them.

Prepare to be embarrassed.

1. I guess that’s your name now.

“That time at my new job where someone asked my name and they misheard me and thought it was Bridget and I was too nervous to correct it.

Thankfully covid hit 2 weeks later and I never saw them again.

They probably still think I’m called Bridget.”

2. Nude.

“I got measured for a bra at Victoria’s Secret.

I thought you had to be topless for it and the woman measuring didn’t correct me.

I didn’t understand why her and her coworker were rude to me afterwords.”

3. Oops.

“I was studying Holocaust memorials in college and got a grant to travel to Germany to look at some. As can be expected I kind of lived and breathed anything from that time period.

I was in a full hostel room with my laptop and clicked on some news article about some anniversary related to WWII and it started autoplaying Hitler screaming out some speech. It was like ten seconds before I could get it to stop.

Needless to say it was an awkward situation.”

4. Horrified.

“Once when I was 10 or 11 I was at the water park with my family. I really wanted to go on the new ‘ Wave Rider’, which was basically a ramp with water shooting upwards that you would boogie board on.

Cue my turn on the ride, the water catches my bathing suit bottoms, rips them off and shoots them up to the very top of the ride. The cutest lifeguard I had ever seen tried to help me, I was crying, my mom was there, the horrified faces of my fellow preteens lives with me forever.”

5. I did this, too.

“7th grade biology class.

I’m reading aloud, and instead of saying “organism” I accidentally said “orgasm” and then got in trouble because my teacher thought I did it on purpose.

All to the raucous laughter of my classmates.”

6. Good eye!

“I once told a one-eyed man that found a very small screw we were looking for in the grass “good eye”.

I get reminded of that every other week now for several years.”

7. Overdid it.

“I moved to NYC for a big promotion. The most senior people at the company were feeding me drinks at my welcome party on empty stomach and I kept just obliging.

I went with my former boss, new wife and two other senior ppl to a restaurant / bar after the initial welcome drinks. I was blasted, threw up all over the bathroom (just didn’t make it to toilet I was so sick), I then walked out and walked into the kitchen by mistake.

Then I walked back to our table, stumbled when I got there. Wife ordered me a burger… took one bite and hurled yes fully hurled into my dinner plate in front of the entire restaurant – there was no hiding. I spent the next 3 months being made fun of.

Definitely embarrassing but a good way to start with a story I suppose.”

8. Thanks!

“Waitress told me “Enjoy your meal.” I said “thanks you too” as she walked away.

Also said thanks to a cop after he gave me a speeding ticket.”

9. Tasty.

“In N Out burger has tasty fries that you can order “animal style” where they put cheese a bunch of the secret sauce on.

One time, I was getting a haircut and somehow we were talking about In N Out and I remember telling the barber that my favorite food there were the fries “doggy style”.

I didn’t realize what I said until much later in the day…”

10. Hello, again.

“I was in an elevator full of people, the elevator reached a floor and stopped. Being the one that was standing closest to the door, I assumed that there was people wanting to exit so I stepped out.

Looked back, nobody exited and everyone was staring at me, so I acted cool and proceeded to take the stairs. The stairs was facing towards the elevator, reached my floor as the doors of the same elevator opened, with the same bunch of people staring at me.”

11. Bad idea.

“Was dating a Puerto Rican guy for a while.

I was at a Puerto Rican event and I tried to pass myself off as one.

I cringe every time I think about it.”

12. Didn’t need to see that.

“I was showing a long time colleague my new house. We get to the master bedroom which I know is clean….he is ahead of me a few steps and then turns right back around and leaves.

I walk in to see everything is staged beautifully…including my gigantic plugged in vibrator and a book called “Vibrate Higher Daily”, which is surprisingly unrelated/nonse**ual.”

13. The Big Apple.

“Happened years ago, but I think about it a lot.

I went to an undergraduate college located in New York… only that it was online and I never actually been to New York. I was embarrassed that I went to an online school because I graduated high school super young and never had the “real” college experience.

Anyways, I was in a conversation with 4 of my classmates at a grad school welcoming event and they asked me where I was from. I said I went to school in New York. Unfortunately, 2 of my classmates were from New York and called me out for not know a d**n thing about New York and I fumbled when telling them I went to an online school so it looked significantly worse.

Overall very cringe experience that still haunts me.”

What embarrassing moments still haunt you?

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Thanks a lot!