What do you think are the simple things in life that really bring you happiness?

I know some of mine!

Playing with dogs, taking a walk when it’s nice outside, listening to music, I can go on and on.

That’s the good stuff!

Folks on AskReddit talked about the simple things in life that make them happy.

Let’s take a look.

1. Welcome home.

“My cat will sit in the front window and I can see his little mouth meowing when he sees me walk up to the porch.

Then I open the front door and he runs up to me and continues meowing.

So sweet and makes me smile very time.”

2. The good life.

“Drinking coffee outside with my boyfriend.

Makes me feel like I’m in a parallel universe.

I just feel eternally happy with him and my coffee.”

3. Two things.

“Firstly. Going on a walk in the woods, i just enjoy the tranquility, the air is so fresh the sounds are relaxing and it’s just beautiful.

Secondly. It may seem cheesy to some, but just holding my GF in my arms, I just enjoy being around her and talking to her she’s the best.”

4. A good feeling.

“The cruise home after finishing work.

Working 3rd shift means I get to put the top down and jam out to some smooth tunes on the highway!”

5. Vibes.

“A cup of coffee and a good book at one of the many local cafes nearby.

Hell, the book doesn’t have to be particularly good, it’s just the sipping and the act of reading itself that provides those immaculate vibes.”

6. Make it count.

“Lunch time at work.

I know for 45 minutes I can’t really do much else apart from just relax for a bit.

It’s oddly satisfying.”

7. Heartwarming.

“When people look into my eyes when we talk.

Most people will avoid eye contact and I’m not trying to be weird about it but I appreciate when they care enough to look me in the eyes, like what I say matters.

Also when you both laugh and keep eye contact. Just a heartwarming feeling.”

8. A bright spot.

“On my drive to work there is a tree that is somewhat shaped like a giant turtle.

When the wind is blowing it looks like it is flying.

I look forward to it every day.”

9. A good day.

“Hot tea, cold beer, Irish whiskey, music by Howlin Wolf.

Any combination of those things and my day is ok.”

10. Kids today…

“When old people congratulate me on good life choices.

Whether it’s how I’ve been volunteering at charity stores in order to build my CV, or on how I’m studying to become an engineer (they have a big problem with kids wanting to be TikTok stars or footballers, I’ve found).

There’s something so special to me that those who are perhaps some of the wisest people, who’ve learned the most lessons, and understand what’s actually important in life, give me recognition, and sometimes even respect and gratitude for restoring their faith (in their words) “in today’s young.””

11. Here they come!

“Refilling my bird feeders and then watching the cardinals and finches and chickadees and woodpeckers show up a few minutes later.”

12. Happy and chillin’.

“Just sitting with my kids.

I have a 2 year old and a 2 month old, and just relaxing while my 2 year old colors and the 2 month old is happy and chillin is the best.”

13. That’s the good stuff.

“Scents of rain, forest, sea.

It lets me enjoy the present moment and connects me to the earth itself.

Simple yet so powerful.”

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