What’s your biggest flex?

The thing that you like to bust out at parties to really impress your friends and total strangers?

While you think about your answer, check out what folks on AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. You are a legend.

“You know the game at the carnival where you climb the wobbly rope ladder and ring the bell?

I’ve won it twice.”

2. Awesome!

“My grandad used to build space shuttles/spaceships. The company he worked for would send the spaceships to NASA.

The company was doing a private time capsule thing where the workers could send their name to the moon on a piece of paper. My grandad wrote my name down, so I’m now on the moon.”

3. Wow.

“When I donated bone marrow (stem cells) I had 6 times the normal amount.

They ran the tests 3 times to confirm.”

4. Hero.

“I saved a dude my age from drowning in our mid 20s.

Now he brings it up in front of my kids and it makes me feel pretty good.

But seriously don’t go randomly swimming in even slow rivers if you aren’t a strong swimmer.”

5. Use it often.

“I can flex some muscle in my neck and make myself look like a croaking frog.

It scares kids.”

6. Impressive!

“I’m so good at flicking pennies (P E N N I E S) that I can flick them into peoples pockets without them knowing.”

7. Which one are you more proud of?

“In the 4th grade i won one if my country’s biggest math competitions.

I can also lick my elbow.”

8. Congrats!

“I’m a marine biologist and my research has been used in the conservation of both sea turtles and whales.”

9. Guitar god.

“I can play every guitar solo on Guitar World magazine’s Top 100 greatest guitar solos of all time list.”

10. They love you.

“Going into my 17th year teaching high school physics.

I would bet money that 75% of all students I’ve taught would put me in their top 3 favorite teachers of all time.”

11. Nailed it.

“I took and passed both sections of my state insurance producer license exam in 19 minutes.

The fastest anyone has ever completed the test AND passed.”

12. Turned it around.

“6 years ago i was a homeless m**h addict. I was a caregiver to my severely abusive narcissistic mother. Who made sure I knew what a POS I was.

Now im 5 years sober, have a full time job, an apartment, a loving fiancee and I have 2 wonderful cats in my garden.”

13. Storyteller.

“I have written more than 400 stories since my college days.

I write them for myself and haven’t shown them to anyone else yet.”

Now it’s your turn!

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