I guess you don’t realize that you say things that give you away as an American easily…

And today we’re gonna get a lesson about the things so maybe we can’t be as easily identifiable in the future.

How does that sound?!?!

What can a person say that immediately gives them away as an American?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. True.

“When they’re seeking help on Reddit and their country/region is a required piece of information for the particular question, they usually don’t specify that they live in America.

They just assume everyone else in the sub is American.

I think I’ve never seen any individual from any other nationality do that.”

2. Yup.

“I’ve been living in the states for over a decade.

I bought my mom this cleaning product that was cinnamon and clove scented and I told her “it smelled like Christmas”.

She just looked at me weird and said “wow I guess you really are an American now”.”

3. Nailed it.

“Checking someone’s profile online and finding at least one of the following statements:

Their faith.

Their race.

Their ethnicity.

Also when people talk to an active or retired soldier and start their their conversation with “thanks for your service”.”

4. I feel this one.

“I ask for ice in every godd**n beverage.

I’ve gotten some eyerolls ?.”

5. USA!

“Wearing clothing with the name of a president/presidential candidate outside of election day.”

6. Give it up.

“This weird assumption that “The Constitution” is some kind of globally recognized universal charter of legislation.

Other countries have their own constitutions, even the developed ones, and they differ from the American one.

Your arguments about “muh constitutional rights” don’t hold when you’re taking a p**s at a bar in Norway.”

7. Good manners.

“Years ago I was doing work in Germany.

I was on the call with a client and I answered “yes sir, no sir” the whole time. He was like “were you ever in the US military?” I was like “no, I was just always taught to say that”.

Didn’t realize how American it is.”

8. Our healthcare sucks.

“Only being able to go to certain doctors/hospitals because your insurance is not accepted at all of them.

I know someone who had to drive 45 min while in labor because the doctor that accepted her insurance was only at that hospital.

The fact that this is normal in the US boggles my mind.”

9. A big one.

“A conversation about tipping…

A tip is appreciated in the rest of the world, but people in the hospitallity industry here (Europe and specifically The Netherlands) make a decent living while serving you a meal or coffee.

Decent enough not to be dependent on tips.”

10. From a mile away.

“The way American tourists dress is instantly identifiable.

Baseball caps, sunglasses, a gigantic backpack filled with everything under the sun, water bottle.

They dress like they’re going on a hike for a city holiday.”

11. Yo, dude…

“Starting sentences with the word LIKE.

Starting sentences with the word SO.

Saying. I KNOW, RIGHT?

Saying OH MY GAWD!


Saying FOR SURE.

Saying DUDE.

Saying BRO.”

12. Just a tiny fraction.

“Having a conversation about History and all they talk about is either WWII or the American Civil War.

Like those were the only historical events to occur.”

13. Y’all!

“”Hi Y’all…”

We certainly don’t use that phrase in Australia. I’m sure I’ve only heard it in the US.

Also, “I’m hungry, someone FIX ME some lunch ALREADY.”

We don’t use ‘fix’ or ‘already’ in that context.”

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