Well, isn’t that adorable?!?!

Ehhhh…I’m not so sure I agree with you…

And here come the fireworks!

Them’s fighting words!

Well, let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. Just try to keep your cool.

What do people think is cute that you find annoying?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts.

1. Stop it!

“Baby talk.

My best friend & her boyfriend do this & IT DRIVES ME UP THE FREAKING WALL.

They don’t have kids.”

2. The old ball and chain.

“When people say “My Old Lady/Man” when talking about their spouse. Trash talking their spouse to other people.

Also, when people ask if the man is “babysitting” that night.

If it’s his children, he’s being a dad and partner and taking care of his children. Not babysitting.”

3. Hell no.

“Couples that share everything to the point where they don’t have privacy.

Passwords. E-mails. Same uni classes. Same jobs. Making sure they have the exact same friends, none of them are allowed separate friends.

“Aw, goals! They’re so committed!” They’re going to take massive emotional damage if they ever break up.

Sharing clothes is cute! Sharing your identity gives me bad vibes!”

4. Not a good thing.

“Intentionally flirty personalities that never turn off.

It’s one thing if you’re actually trying to impress someone, but when it s a default…”

5. Awful.

“Animals exploited for proprietary gain.

That dolphin you took pictures with in that pool in Cuba was drugged. The elephant you rode on in Thailand, also drugged. Owl cafes in Japan? Drugged.

People f**king suck.”

6. Get that thing away from me.

“Little yappy dogs.

Extra appalling with little bows on their heads, or when dressed in little dog clothes.”

7. Uh oh.


I’m fine with kids 6 years old or older, but I really can’t seem to find babies cute (except for a few exceptions). Yet, I’m expected to fawn over every baby pic because for some reason it’s a norm?

And there’s no polite way to say “No, I don’t want to hold your baby” or “No, I’m not interested in watching a baby pic slide show”. And I don’t want to be rude, so I have to fake marvel.

I used to work at a place where, whenever a coworker would bring in their baby, everybody would drop what they were doing to go coo at the baby. Nevermind that we’re doing customer service and suddenly there is no one to serve anyone because baby.

I would often stay at my spot, working, and I’ve been told that it’s weird that I don’t want to meet the babies. So, off I go, dropping work, leaving customers hanging because a baby entered the place, just so I can keep peace and stay in good standing with my coworkers.

So annoying. I wish I would find babies cute, so this whole song and dance wouldn’t be a chore.”

8. Infuriating.

“Kids being obnoxious in restaurants or in general.

My parents just look at them and smile and laugh for me I try to tolerate them and be nice but I just don’t like kids. It’s difficult to not get frustrated when a kid who is sitting nearby just starts blabbing or making weird noises it just pi**es me off.

As much as I dislike kids I bite my tongue so I don’t say something I would regret because I don’t want to be mean or that one mean child h**ing person who causes a scene and end up in more trouble than what it’s worth.”

9. Huh?

“People who try to stick their hand in your mouth when you yawn.

I don’t care if we’re dating, I don’t want your entire hand in my mouth.”

10. I feel sorry for them.


To me they look like a normal dog ran into a brick wall and most of them have health problems and can’t breathe.”

11. Not happy about it.

“Any tongue-sticking-out pose but especially the “just a bit out between the teeth while winking” version.

Sorry if that’s a dumb description but it makes me actually angry.”

12. Clueless.

“The whole “I’m a innocent female, I can’t do anything”.

Like no, pick up that wrench ima show you how to change your own oil.”

13. Bizarre.

“K-Pop stars?

It’s like no one wants to think about the ridiculous cottage industry that produced these celebrities.

The regime that they were put through to become puppet dolls for corporations to generate profit is pretty appalling.”

What do other people find cute that you find annoying?

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