If you’re of the opinion that all men can’t agree on anything, you might be in for a surprise today.

Because these AskReddit users have some thoughts about this topic!

Check out what they had to say and see if you agree with them.

1. That hurts!

“If a man takes a hit to the nuts, we all feel it.

Even if it’s a fictitious hit, even if said man exists only as a cartoon or anything alike.”

2. Either/Or.

“All men know that when we go to urinate we have the “silent” or “noisy” mode.

Stealth Mode or Combat Mode.”

3. Diggin’ holes.

“You don’t ask questions when another man digs a hole.

You either admire it and make encouraging comments, or you help him dig.”

4. You must be cautious.

“Zippers hurt.

Be cautious.”

5. That’ll work.

“Two tong clicks before grilling is the secret ingredient.

Also slapping something twice when doing handyman work to make sure it stays there.”

6. Amen!




7. Listen up.

“Never say “Relax” to a woman.

You can easily tell by yourself that you’re d**d after that.”

8. Brush ’em!

“Dental hygiene is important.

Wish I could go back 16 years at the start of me no longer taking care of my health and tell myself to at least brush those teeth.”

9. Just like Heaven.

“When your bladder is about to f**kin’ explode, releasing that fire hose powered p**s is like Heaven!”

10. Nice one!

“Throwing things into other things is very fun and we should celebrate with our fellow men when they throw a good shot into a bin.”

11. Man talk.

“Talking with everyone is great but sometimes, we just need a discussion between men and especially homies.”

12. Gross.

“It’s a minority of men who are the problem and we need to weed out that minority.

I was talking to a fellow co-worker about a woman I met at church. His first question about her was “Does she moan when you f**k her?”

We are no longer friends.”

13. Get it? Got it? Good!

“I’m not thinking about anything and also thinking of everything in the instant you ask me what I am thinking about.”

What do you think all men can agree on?

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