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1. Interesting.

“Mustard gas.

Its also interesting that Fritz Haber (the inventor of mustard gas) also invented the Haber-Bosch process which takes nitrogen from the air and turns it into fertilizer, which would be used to feed billions, and it’d estimated that half the protein in your body is a result of this process.

So in essence he ki**ed millions and saved billions.”

2. Ripping people off.

“Casino slot machines that allow you to insert your credit/debit cards.

They should be illegal.”

3. Still struggling.

“Agent Orange.

Generations of families of people exposed to this are still struggling with the effects.”

4. Annoying.

“Basically any headlights on pickups 2020 or newer because they’re so freaking tall now too.

Makes Close Encounters of the Third Kind look lame in comparison.”

5. Not good.

“Social media algorithms.

And it can all be traced back to 2016 when it was changed from chronological to algorithm based, that’s when everything really started going to s**t in the world.”

6. One guy…

“Thomas Midgeley.

He was working as an engineer, looking for an additive for petrol which would stop engine knocking caused when the pistons misfire.

There was many possibilities but one was a novel and therefore patentable idea which made a fortune. Tetraethyl Lead.

He then went on to work in cooling and refrigeration to solve the problem of the gases being used also being toxic and flammable. He invented early chlorofluorocarbons, marketed as Freon.

Freon was later discovered to be highly damaging to the ozone layer. It took decades to uncover and there was huge opposition to the findings. If they hadn’t been banned and phased out, their use would have resulted in the end of life in earth.

Leaded petrol was responsible for mass lead poisoning, a noticeable rise in brain damage and has been linked to the sharp rise in criminality and violence in the 1980s.

Two of the worst inventions of all time, both attributed to one man: probably the most dangerous and damaging man ever to have lived.”

7. Doomsday.

“In the end, I think nuclear weapons will be at the top of this list.

We’re only surviving currently because everyone has agreed that they wouldn’t prefer to doom mankind to a fiery radioactive d**th.

Don’t you think it’s only a matter of time before someone irrational decides to take everyone down with them?”

8. WTF?

“Flushable wipes.

They still write flushable on the packaging despite the fact that they have destroyed probably billions of dollars in infrastructure and make the worst mess to clean up that I can possibly imagine.”

9. Look it up.

“The Lobotomy Orbitoclast.

A tool to wiggle holes in your brain.”

10. Polarization.

“I’m not trying to exaggerate when I say that Twitter is way up there.

I’ve never seen people so polarized.

Now they can have a few drinks and spew mental diarrhea all over the planet.”

11. That is terrifying.

“The first version of the chainsaw was used as a childbirth aid.

This was before C-sections and the child had to go through the birth canal.

It was to assist.”

12. Depressing.

“Factory farms for animals.

They are in Hell and we are the devils.”

13. A hot take.

“The iPhone and other pocket internet devices.

While I know the upsides (and use them) I’m Gen X and I remember well what we were like without them.

Society has gotten worse because of them and at an accelerated pace. We don’t connect with each other anymore.”

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