I do not have children, so I can’t really say what the worst part of having kids is…

But I’ve been around enough to at least have some educated guesses in that department…

Are y’all ready for some real talk about this issue from moms and dads?

Check out what these parents had to say!

1. Awful.

“Losing them. My 15 year old son d**d suddenly on Tuesday morning.

His dad went to wake him for school and he wasn’t breathing. He had no health conditions and we don’t know the cause of d**th yet. My baby is just gone.

Every single part of parenting is a challenge. But losing a child is a pain unlike anything I’ve ever known.

Having a child is taking a risk that someday your whole world could be shattered, and there’s absolutely nothing you can do to stop it.”

2. Challenging.

“Having to take care of a sick child when you are also sick.

For me that has been the most challenging part so far.”

3. No more freedom.

“The loss of freedom.

I can’t just…go somewhere. Even with older kids, there’s so much planning and thinking and getting ready.

I miss being able to just decide to go somewhere, and go there.”

4. Marriage problems.

“The strain on your marriage/relationship. We thought we were completely prepared since our child was planned.

Then you add the responsibility and stress and the take away sleep. (Didn’t sleep through the night for 9 straight months) We were at each others throats every single day. We finally got ourselves figured out and are good now.”

5. A tough situation.

“When you have a child who has severe difficulties (whether physical or mental). In our case, my daughter has a severe mental illness.

Everyone gets pregnant and thinks everything is going to be wonderful and the kid is automatically going to grow up and get good grades and have friends and do normal kid things. That’s what you think and that’s what everyone tells you.

It’s a cruel thing to realize that in reality, generics is a lottery and some of us WILL lose. Some kids will NOT have the life you envisioned.”

6. Like Groundhog Day.

“Your life’s no longer yours.

By the time you get home from work, sort tea, sort kitchen, get then in bed you’ve about an hour before you gotta go to bed to start it all over again.”

7. Exhaustion.

“My top thing I tell expecting parents is you no longer sleep when you see fit. Tired? Too bad, you’ve got responsibilities and a human/humans to keep alive.

This worsens because not only do you wake up when they do and go to sleep after them, but you’re also inclined to stay up later for doing whatever grownup stuff you enjoy.

I’m so guilty of staying up way too late to watch shows that aren’t exactly kid friendly, my wife is all into the true crime stuff, so we get the kids to bed then stay up until 1-2 some nights watching stuff.

Guess who doesn’t give a s**t? The kids. They’re up at 7-8 ready to rock and I’m yet to find their snooze buttons. I’m fortunate to function well on anything over 6 hours of sleep, her not so much. She’s currently passed out on the couch as I type this, for the exact reasons listed above.”

8. Never stops.

“It’s incessant. It never stops. You never get a day off.

Going from having two days a week to relax and do whatever to literally never having a moment free.”

9. Can be hard.

“For me it’s giving up a part of myself that I will never get back.

Don’t get me wrong, I would choose to do it every time, but there is a mourn of a previous self and the sacrifice I need to do to become the best father I can be and that can be hard sometimes.”

10. The wrong path.

“Watching them stray down the wrong path.

And wishing they’d listen to you.”

11. Life is upside down.

“I’m only a few years along, but lack of free time is the biggest one.

Also, our s** life has suffered due to (a) no time and (b) lots of otherwise good opportunities being impossible.

We have to schedule.”

12. Gotta plan everything.

“At the beginning, planning things becomes much more complicated.

Want to fly? Gotta plan for stroller and car seat. Which car rental place is in the terminal so you don’t have to haul all your kids stuff on a bus.

And things can get messed up just because your kid is having a bad day. You might be out at a restaurant and your kid gets mad because [insert dumb thing here] so you just need to pay your bill and leave, or eat in shifts with so someone can be outside with a mad toddler.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my kid and wouldn’t change anything but details that never mattered to me before become things you have to take into consideration.”

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