I have a friend who’s never had a sip of beer, never done a drug, and never even taken a puff off of a c**arette.

Pretty impressive, don’t you think?

But there are things that all of us have avoided for one reason or another.

Folks on AskReddit talked about what they’ve managed to avoid their whole lives.

Let’s see what they had to say.

1. Run for it!

“Getting stung by a bee or wasp.

And now I’ve built it up so much that I’m absolutely terrified of wasps and I run for my life when I see one.”

2. I said no!

“Game of Thrones and the Kardashian show.

Never seen one episode of either.”

3. Lucky.

“Breaking a bone.

It’s not like I’ve been a complete bookworm either.

Cycling, skating, football, skiing, snowboarding, I fell off a roof once.

Never broken a bone.”

4. To each their own.

“Marriage and getting knocked up.

I saw what my friends went through they acted like marriage and babies were a race.

I sat back, took my time, watched my friends, then decided it didn’t look like fun. I still have no regrets.”

5. Wow.


Have never seen one or encountered them which is not surprising as I live in Iceland.

But still it must count for something.”

6. Pretty rare.

“I’ve never seen a Marvel movie, or comic, or TV show.

It just sort of happened, but now it feels as though there’s 200 movies and 2000 comics and there’s no way I could begin to catch up even if I wanted to.”

7. That’s wild.

“Driving a car.

I’m 37 and father of one. I ride my bike almost everywhere. Longer trips go by train or bus. It’s a great way to stay healthy and make a small environmental difference.

Living in Sweden makes this both harder (the seasons) and easier (the infrastructure).

My town is often considered one of Sweden’s best bike-cities. Yay!”

8. Oh, well.

“Watching an entire episode of Friends.

Really don’t understand the hype on this.”

9. One of them is usually fun.

“Weddings and funerals.

Never been to a single one.

Never really had family so I guess it wasn’t hard.”

10. The black sheep.

“Being baptized.

That doesn’t sound impressive until you take into consideration that my entire family is hyper-Christian and my grandfather, who helped raise me, was a minister.

My mom’s side of the family and my dad’s side were from different denominations, and they couldn’t agree to which church to baptize me in, and both sides were stubborn, and I ended up making it to the age when I started to question religion without getting the dunk.

My (step) brother is the only person in my family who I know of who isn’t some brand of Christian. I’m truly the black sheep on both sides.”

11. I think you’re blowing it.


Almost 26 and I’ve never had one.

I’ll assume I’m not missing too much.”

12. I love it!

“I’ve never mowed the grass before. I’ve heard other people reminiscing about having to do yard work growing up but I’ve never been able to relate.

I was raised by a single mother and we lived in apartments when I was a baby. She remarried when I was 9 and my stepfather always did the yardwork after that one we were able to move into a house.

Then I went off to college and have apartment hopped ever since. Now here I am, in my 30s, somehow avoiding having to mow grass for my entire life. I don’t even think I’d know how to start a lawnmower if one was in front of me.

Not my proudest of accomplishments…”

13. A miracle.

“Having an STD or getting a girl pregnant before marriage.

For the record I’ve made horrible decisions in my younger days. This was a legitimate miracle.

The girl I dated prior to my wife it didn’t clue in for three months that we were literally not even using the pull-out method.


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