Remember how much everyone used to love Ellen DeGeneres?

Yeah…not so much anymore…

And some folks who have great reputations have actually done some terrible things.

Let’s hear what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Nasty.

“The Red Hot Chili Peppers had a young teen “groupie” on their tour bus through multiple stops until her parents finally caught up to them and threatened a lawsuit unless they gave her back.”

2. Shady.

“Barbara Walters.

Whenever she interviewed someone calling out a famous r**ist or pe**phile, she say things like, “You’re damaging an entire industry” protecting r**ists and pe**philes when they’re powerful.

She did it to Corey Feldman and the first women who started calling out Harvey Weinstein. She only started criticizing Weinstein when it became clear he was facing criminal charges for being a serial r**ist.”

3. Hollywood royalty.

“Charlie Chaplin

He treated his children and teenage wives with relentless cruelty.

In 1920, Mildred Chaplin filed a divorce, citing his cruelty.”

4. Not all good.


He did some great things for his country but he also had his teenage grandniece sleep in his bed for the purpose of testing his own temptations in celibacy.

In his younger years, he also supported colonial rule in Africa because he believed black people inferior. He changed his tune on that one later on though.

So, yeah. He’s made some positive contributions but he hasn’t always been wholly good.”

5. Makin’ money.

“Oprah is a salesperson and her fans are the product she’s selling.

She doesn’t care who she sells them too, as long as it makes her money.”

6. Music legend.

“John Lennon.

My ex’s Mom LOVES The Beatles and when I told her he was a wife beater she just clutched her pearls and refused to believe it.

It’s so sad how fans in denial keep these s**tty people famous.”

7. Did a lot of harm.

“Nancy Reagan started a war on drugs that ended up incarcerating a lot of people over possession of a now-legal substance.

She did it like it was just something to do, and f**ked up a lot of lives.”

8. Interesting.

“Thomas Edison has to be the most overrated “great American inventor and entrepreneur” ever featured as an exemple for schoolchildren.

His commercial success was mainly from patent theft & labor exploitation, not innovative genius.”

9. A big one.

“Mother Teresa.

She was given sainthood in 2015 after she died in 1997 and the more you read about her the more you see how much she embodies everything wrong about Christianity. She saw pain and suffering as paying respects to Jesus for his, her sick homes were more for recruiting those to her faith than actually providing loving dignified care for the poor.

She was quoted as saying “There is something beautiful in seeing the poor accept their lot, to suffer it like Christ’s Passion. The world gains much from their suffering.” Despite all this when she herself needed treatment, instead of suffering in silence as she recommends to all those other folks she sought the best treatment western medicine could offer.

I don’t adhere to one particular religion, but I can respect the good aspect of Christianity; providing care, food and clothing for the poor, as well as welcoming willing peoples into the faith but holding all of the above things above their heads like a carrot on a stick so long as they pledge their allegiance is wrong on so many levels. The fact that the Vatican looked the other way and gave her sainthood is a shame.”

10. Wow.

“I feel like Jon Hamm is pretty well known for being a good guy, but check out the a**ault section on his Wikipedia page.

I’d h**e to have run into him in college, and I don’t even have balls.”

11. Damage.

“Henry Kissinger.

He orchestrated so many American occupations and coups in other countries, causing the d**ths of thousands if not millions of people, and is now considered a f**king philanthropist.”

12. Scammer.

“Logan Paul.

Everybody thought that he changed and became a good person after the forest incident but turns out he’s still a bad person, he scammed many people with his cryptozoo scheme.”

13. Yes.

“Ronald Reagan

His salesmanship of supply side economics k**led the American middle class.”

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