Man up!

How many times have you heard that in your life?

I’m guessing most of the guys out there would say at least a few times. But you know that deep down some of these fellas want to let the world know how they feel but they just can’t do it.

So what do men want…that they won’t admit to?

Folks on AskReddit spoke up.

1. Needing a break.

“I just want a break, man.

It’s weird when you get a partner who understands this. My younger brother d**d, 3 years later my dad d**d, then my closest friend d**d. This s**t broke me eventually. Like just straight up broke me.

My fiancé has been amazing and helped me through this but the guilt of even admitting I’m tired or depressed is almost as bad as those feelings themselves.”

2. All you need.

“Love. I don’t mean relationship love.

I mean genuine human love. I don’t need money or a 5 course meal, no, just love from a human.”

3. Hold me.

“I just want to be held.


Be the little spoon.”

4. Let it all out.

“To talk about their feelings that they’ve bottled up for nearly 10 years so that they’re not a burden to anyone.”

5. You do you.

“Might be me, but being dominated.

Having a power greater than me in control and all I can do is sit back and enjoy the ride.”

6. You need to have a talk.

“I want my wife to acknowledge all the sacrifice I make, the positivity I bring to our children’s lives, and my right to be my own person.”

7. How are ya?

“For someone to sit me down and actually ask how I’m doing.

I can’t tell you how badly I need to just talk to anyone about anything, but I was taught from a young age to bottle that stuff up and move on.”

8. No hustling.

“The word “hustle” makes me angry.

Every now and then I just want a weekend with the house to myself to play video games and watch movies all day with no responsibilities.

Easier said than done as a homeowner with a wife and baby.

There’s always something that needs to be done.”

9. Nice and easy.

“Literally just want a wife, couple kids, a house and a dog.

People I’ve told that just laugh and think its weird like “you don’t want to sleep around and have a million one night stands?”.


10. Good idea.

“We want to be taken on a date sometimes.

I feel like often times its on us to ask you to go on a date, make the plans, pick you up etc etc. Even after you are married it seems to be on us.

I told this to the wife so sometimes she does take me on a date. Its great!”

11. Total silence.

“Sometimes I just enjoy being quite and not say anything.

Nothing’s wrong, I just want to relax and not do anything.”



Many aspects of a man’s life is taken as canon fodder or just a joke.
He has mental problems? “Get over it”
He does not want to be touched or groped? “Must be a p**sy”

He has a field of work that deals with children? “Must be a p**ophile”
He works in the medical field and is not the Doctor? “Bet your parents are embarrassed”

He raises his kids on his own as a single father? “He doesn’t know how to parent”.”

13. Good stuff.

“To be held. To lay our head on your lap as we watch TV together and you run your fingers through our hair. To do immature date ideas, because we didn’t have many GFs in our youth.

For women just to be blunt with us (we aren’t mind readers. Just ask). Hugs (it doesn’t have to be s** all the time, we like hugs). Silence sometimes, as in comfortable silence.”

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