When we say the “coolest” fictional character, what we really mean is the most bada**, you dig?

And these responses are going to be a whole lot of fun because there are so many great ones to choose from!

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1. The man!

“”Everyone, this is Alfred. I work for him.”

-Bruce Wayne

Alfred is the true main character.”

2. Good one.

“The Bride from K**l Bill.

She is the definition of bada**.

Overcame literal paralysis in order to go get revenge on the people who ruined her life.”

3. Escape from New York!

“Snake Plissken.

I always wished there were more Snake Plissken movies.

He’s such a great character.”

4. Didn’t give AF.

“The Hamburgler.

Dude was stealing hamburgers when they only costed like a quarter.”

5. Ripley.

“Ellen Ripley.

That scene in Aliens, where she’s in the elevator going down, getting all her gear ready.

Then runs her fingers through her hair, like “let’s do this.”

Goosebumps, every time.”

6. That’s right!

“Jules Winnfield from Pulp Fiction.

Even his wallet said so.”

7. Just to prove it.

“Carmen Sandiego from the 1990 Animated Series.

Has the capability and resources to steal entire landmarks, historical buildings, etc.

Just to prove that she can do it. And always escapes from the Acme detectives.”

8. Balls.

“Elle Woods.

The b**ch got into Harvard and proved everyone wrong. She changed a whole generation of women.

That takes balls.”

9. Total badas**.

“John Wick.

He’s not exactly the boogeyman.

He’s the one you send to k**l the f**king boogeyman.”

10. Legend!

“Al Bundy.

4 touchdowns. One game.”

11. ’70s hero.


Who is the man who would risk his neck for his brother man?”

12. Agreed.

“John McClane.

Dude took out half that building’s terrorists after running barefoot across a floor of broken glass.”

13. Big shot.

“When Jack Bauer was born, the first words out of his mouth were “THERE’S NO TIME!”

Los Angeles once named a street after Jack Bauer but had to change the name after so many people died while crossing it.

No one crosses Jack Bauer and lives.”

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