People sure can get nervy when it comes to asking other folks to watch their kids…

And things get even more complicated when it comes to folks you’re not even related to.

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Was this woman wrong for not watching her son’s girlfriend’s baby?

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AITA for telling my son’s girlfriend I won’t watch their (her baby)?

“My 21 year old son moved out of my house almost 6 weeks ago. He met a nice young lady a month ago.

She was 9 months pregnant when they met. She had her baby, beautiful little girl, and I am happy for them. I think it’s kinda weird, but it’s not my life and my son is “in love”. Fine. Whatever makes him happy. He’s not financially responsible for the baby and the girl is fine with that. He is there for emotional support. She has a good job.

Here’s where it gets tricky and I feel kinda bad. She text me today saying she is going back to work soon and needs a babysitter. Her mom can watch the baby some days, but not all. She wanted to know if I can watch the baby some days from 2-10 pm. I said no.

I did say a couple weeks ago I would watch the baby sometimes if they wanted to grab a bite to eat or something. I am just learning how to live again. My life has been all about my son for 21 years. I was a single mom. I have plans. I dont want any major responsibilities right now and honestly the baby isn’t really my grandchild even though they tell me I’m her grandma.

She hasn’t text me back, and now I’m feeling bad. My son called and pointed out that I said I would watch the baby. I told him I said for a couple hours here and there…. I guess I should have been more specific.

Am I the a**hole?”

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