The older I get, the more I really enjoy working out.

Because if you don’t get moving as the years pass by, the less fun your life will be!

Well, at least that’s my opinion…

But today we’re going to hear from people who don’t exercise.

Check out what they had to say.

1. Scared.

“I’m dealing with epilepsy and finding the right medication.

I’m constantly tired, and that’s one of my seizure triggers.

I’m honestly terrified that I’ll injure myself if I have a seizure while exercising.”

2. All good.

“I work construction and honestly after working all day going up and down ladders and moving equipment, I am all set.”

3. Hard to do it alone.

“I used to and it feels good when its done but I absolutely h**ed every second of it.

It’s more fun if you have somebody to run/exercise with but I dont so its very hard to motivate myself to do something I really dont like.”

4. Might be dangerous.

“I’m a long haul truck driver, and I’m female.

I’m not going to walk around a skeezy truckstop; that’s a tragedy waiting to happen.”

5. No discipline.

“I wasn’t athletic growing up.

I h**ed gym class almost as much as gym class h**ed me.

We never reconciled.

I also have zero discipline. I was the kid that never did my homework but got by on the tests and papers. I still blow off daily routines.”

6. Don’t need it.

“I’ve weighed the same sine high school.

I’m 47 and work a physical job.

There’s no way I need any more exercise than I get through out my normal days.”

7. Nope.

“Just dont have the motivation.

Not depressed or anything, just don’t want to.”

8. Good enough.

“I walk my dog every day, do gardening, and housework.

I mean that’s a good enough workout for me…

Keeps the weight off and I don’t need to follow any special diets or anything. Good enough.”

9. Ouch.

“Sciatica sucks.

Not old enough to have this s**t.”

10. Not worth it.

“Never knowing if you’ll wake up with muscle soreness (good pain) to stretch out, or crippling back/joint pain that makes you miss work.”

11. Not a good feeling.

“It just flat out does not feel good to me.

I don’t know where all theses endorphins are that people talk about, but they never kick in for me.

It’s just a long slog over which I feel gradually worse as I become more out of breath and fatigued.”

12. Better than nothing.

“I  walk all over my college campus, both to get to class and because it’s a nice campus.

I may not be “working out”, but at least I’m closing the green ring on my Apple watch.”

13. Getting it in at work.

“I work a very physical demanding job and I consider that my workout.

I need to get back into the gym though.”

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