My grandparents (and maybe my parents at this point) would say that the “younger” generations treat everything as disposable. We pay less for things because we don’t expect them to last, and we’re quick to throw them out and replace them when they start to lose even the slightest bit of shine.

These 13 people don’t ascribe to that theory, though, because they held onto their things until absolutely the last possible moment.

13. Someone really loved their teddy bear.

And someone else kept theirs around as a backup.

My brother and I each received identical teddy bears when we were born. I lived mine just a bit more…
byu/Bedheadredhead30 inWellworn

12. Those cards could really tell some stories.

If only they could talk.

My almost decade old playing cards next to new ones
byu/breego123 inWellworn

11. Those were the days.

Back when McDonalds really went all in with the giveaways.

My McDonald’s Hercules plate (right) after 20+ years of daily use
byu/mlgucci inWellworn

10. I bet it’s still readable.

Books are forever, and I refuse to accept arguments to the contrary.

Same exact book, one used and rained on, one brand new
byu/pukedad inWellworn

9. I love seeing these pictures.

Kids who have loved those things like family their whole lives.

My teddy bear after 20 years of friendship
byu/Forever_Anxious inWellworn

8. Those things last forever.

You literally might only need four over your entire life.

1995 zippo, before and after. One day it will look like it did before the sanding and polish.
byu/nothing_fancy21 inWellworn

7. In case you were wondering if what they say about the ocean is true.

It will wear away all things.

A nut and bolt: far from and close to the sea
byu/Mprovin inWellworn

6. Those things have given their service.

It’s time they had a nice retirement.

After 3 years of daily wear, I finally replaced my insoles
byu/Bachibouzouk51 inWellworn

5. Time wears away all of the bumps.

If only that worked for humans, too.

These golf balls at the mini golf course I work at became smooth after spending a lot of time in a stream
byu/The_Car_Fax inWellworn

4. That pinball has been around the board.

And around and around and around.

Used vs new pinball
byu/MartyMcDermott inWellworn

3. If you’ve got a spoon you love, you know.

Those things are like an old friend.

Finally got my mom a replacement of her favorite spoon. She had the one on the bottom for 27 years
byu/squidnee_ inWellworn

2. I had one that looked like the one on the left.

Ahhh, the good old days.

12 year old iPod compared to a fully restored one.
byu/Dankmus inWellworn

1. I guess you know that thing is doing its job.

That’s some heavy lifting right there.

One 8 hour shift
byu/leositruc inWellworn

This post has really inspired me, to be honest. What in my house can last a lot longer than I expect?

What about you? Do you have an item that you’ve never expected to last forever but that’s still going strong? Tell us what it is in the comments!