Listen, I’m not saying that the internet is the nicest place in the world, but I am saying that sometimes, the world sets things right when the people who aren’t being nice meet smarta$$ people who are willing to put them in their place.

These 13 people opened their mouths and well, what came out was a little less than intelligent – and since it was also not very nice, I don’t feel at all badly that they also sustained some pretty amazing burns in response.

13. They have SO much power.

They stole it from GOD and he can’t even get it back if he WANTS to.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

12. Just reading this hurts my brain.

I couldn’t have come up with that reply if I’d tried.

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11. Have you never had a birthday party?

I mean where other people are there too?

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10. Yeah this is not true.

It’s also a huge generalization.

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9. Why yes. Yes there is.

Wait until you hear all about it!

It’s a new concept
byu/potatosalad001 infacepalm

8. Use as many zeros as you want.

The math still doesn’t work in your favor.

There’s a 0000000000000000.0 percent chance I’ll kill you
byu/xChops infacepalm

7. I cannot believe someone actually said that out loud.

Like…are you even a human being?

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6. They were just so close.

And yet so far away.

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5. Trust me, the government knows what you look like.

Some of us more than others.

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4. Congratulations.

You’ve caught up with…most of the rest of us.

This comeback belongs in the hall of fame
byu/abdirahmanmahdi inMurderedByWords

3. That’s just not how things work these days.

It sure would be nice, though.

Time is relative . . . and mine ain’t rich.
byu/sandweiche inclevercomebacks

2. You used the actual word a whole bunch of times.

Just make that final leap, mate.

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1. This just devolves as it goes on.

And that’s hard to believe at the beginning.

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Y’all, I wish I could be this quick and hilarious. Maybe someday. That’s the dream.

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