Do you have an adorable, but sometimes bad, pet?

We know animals are smart, but they’re not always smart enough to not get caught. Of course, when they do something wrong, we can let them know, but we can’t stay mad, because they’re just too cute. The only way to get back at our rebellious fur friends is by publicly pet shaming them on social media.

Check out these 13 adorable troublemakers who met internet justice when their crimes were shared with the world.

1. Hey kitty… why so dumb?

He doesn’t seem pleased.


2. What does the fox poo?

Why do dogs love to roll in this stuff?


3. It’s a Christmas tradition.

What’s more festive for going caroling than biting baubles?


4. Hey, this stuff is priceless right now!

Now what will we do?


5. This is an international incident.

Now you’re not going anywhere!


6. A resounding victory.

Hey, if you’re a turtle… this is like winning the Super Bowl!


7. Doggy likes the Spice channel?

Naughty naughty puppers!


8. The three amigos!

Also, the three suspects.


9. What makes you think I won’t cut you?!

Don’t mess with those guinea pigs, bruh!


10. I see we’ve got a luddite!

If you hate technology… just don’t use it, pooch!


11. You’ve never been more guilty.

Wear it with shame!


12. Not the chrysalis!

Do you not want her to succeed, bruh?


13. Friends forever?

We shall see…


Which of these criminally sweet dogs and cats were your favorites? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to share stories about your pets too!