Have you been looking to make a change in your life? Improve yourself somehow? Are you tired of reading through mountains of self-help or trying out various religions, or, even more extreme, trying to use a Peloton?

Well, never fear because you don’t need any of that to become inspired. All you need is some tweets.

Consider these suggestions for ways in which you might get a leg up on life.

13. Become a beekeeper

It’s fun, fast, and easy!

12. Just quit

Be like Pluto – large but not quite large enough for anybody to care.


11. Become ungovernable

Power to the people. Quite literally.

10. Get your priorities straight

NOBODY misses Theodore’s bassoon recital.

9. Check in with friends

Why create masked calls for attention when you can be straightforward?

8. Move to Canada

Just make sure you do your research first.

7. Get into the improv scene

Or maybe don’t.

6. Find your love language

And stick to it.

5. Challenge the past

What’s it gonna do, fight you? It’s in the past.

4. Make some art

Truly a masterpiece is what we’ve got right here.

3. Give to charity

Even if that charity is yourself.

2. Do a little snooping

Everyone around you has a story to tell, and some of them are absolutely dangerous.

1. Learn from the greats

Goldilocks crawled so that we could run.

I think that oughta be enough to get you started on your self-improvement journey. Do let us know how it goes.

What are your big self-improvement tips?

Tell us in the comments.

Thanks, fam!