Just when I think I’ve seen everything, the internet throws something new my way.

I’m not sure I’ve been up on the latest trends since the 90s, and maybe not even then.

Did all kids wear ginormous t-shirts, or was it just me?

Anyway, buckle in, because apparently (supposedly?) there’s a new fashion trend in town: peeing your pants.

It seems like it started out as people just goofing around on TikTok using audio from the Adam Sandler movie Billy Madison where he tells some kids that it’s cool to pee your pants.

Then it turned into last year’s dumb new social media challenge with the hashtag #peeyourpantschallenge.

But people were bored. And stuck inside. So I think we can forgive them.

Whether it was moms working out:


mom’s know what’s up #momsoftiktok #momlife #goingpro #over30 #billymadison #funnymom #momhumor #momswhoworkout

♬ Peeing your pants is the cooliest – SOUNDGUY SHOP

Making a teasing video about their diapered babies:


Thanks to my sissy for my #billymadison shirt. #thevintagemom #fyp

♬ Peeing your pants is the cooliest – SOUNDGUY SHOP

Bored people everywhere wanted to get in on the acting action:


A Tribute to Billy Madison! πŸ˜‚ #billymadison #youaintcoolifudontpeeyopants #lmfao #gay #gayboy #funny #comedy #lgbtqplus #πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ #🀣 #πŸ˜‚

♬ Peeing your pants is the cooliest – SOUNDGUY SHOP

That’s how social media challenges go.

It was something to do for the set of people not interested in baking lockdown cakes or sourdough bread.

But when the movement went viral and started getting picked up by news outlets, it seems like some people took the TikTok goofiness a little too far.

A company called Wet Pants Denim launched a new clothing line with the tagline “Wet look, dry feel” selling–you guessed it–pre peed-on pants…

For blue jeans, the darkened pants could be stained with any substance, but for lighter pants they use an egg yolk yellow that would make me worry about your vitamin intake.

Not only that, but for customers in the U.S. who are eco-minded and don’t want to purchase new denim, for the low, low cost of $30, you can send them your current pants, and the company will stain those for you.

I mean I guess they could come in handy for people who routinely splash water on their lap.

Like I said, I’m not sure I understand high fashion, but this one seems like a swing and miss. What do you think? Beyond ridiculous, or are you ready to buy your own pair? Tell us in the comments.