Recently I did a little house-sitting for an acquaintance of mine who needed to leave town. As I was on the phone with her she said “Not to brag, but my house is pretty great.”

She wasn’t lying.

It had been designed by her husband, an architect of considerable success, and it was chock full of personality and the special joy that can only come from using one’s own talents to create a dwelling for yourself.

It got me thinking a lot about architects and architecture, and before long I as admiring these posts from Reddit.

15. England

I feel like someone magical lives here.

This Stone Cottage In England
byu/mtlgrems inArchitecturePorn

14. Reykjavik, Iceland

Despite its name and this picture, Iceland isn’t all snow and cold. They enjoy mild summers with average temperatures around 54 degrees Fahrenheit.

Winter has come in Iceland. Hallgrímskirkja in Reykjavík. Photo by Gunnar Freyr
byu/dilkur inArchitecturePorn

13. San Simeon, California

Just look at those pristine reflections.

“Azure Blue Pool” at Hearst Castel, San Simeon, California. It was built by architect Julia Morgan between 1919 and 1947
byu/KantKay11 inArchitecturePorn

12. Strasbourg, France

Doesn’t it look like it might just float away at any minute?

Restaurant on the River Ill flowing through the historic Petite France quarter of Strasbourg, France.
byu/ManiaforBeatles inArchitecturePorn

11. Arkansas

A little deep woods modern spirituality, if you please.

Thorncrown Chapel, Arkansas, by E. Fay Jones
byu/slymav19 inArchitecturePorn

10. Milano, Italy

This looks absolutely unreal. I expect a dragon to come peeking out from behind it.

[deleted by user]
by inArchitecturePorn

9. San Francisco, California

Ah, good ol’ San Fran.

Shades of Blue highlight this San Francisco Victorian home
byu/rockystl inArchitecturePorn

8. France

Well that’s just about the most metal thing I’ve ever seen.

Clermont-Ferrand Cathedral in France – Built entirely of black lava stone
byu/ParaMike46 inArchitecturePorn

7. Copenhagen, Denmark

It’s hard to get a sense for the size from the picture alone.

Grundtvig’s Church in Copenhagen, Denmark was completed in 1940 and its design is a combination between a cathedral and the style of old Danish country houses.
byu/KantKay11 inArchitecturePorn

6. Singapore

Man, talk about your green spaces.

Park royal hotel Singapore (1080×1350)
byu/atulyasunil inArchitecturePorn

5. Germany

What would you pay to spend just one weekend here?

Hohenzollern Castle, Germany
byu/mtlgrems inArchitecturePorn

4. Brasilia, Brazil

It’s like some sort of digital starry sky.

Windows Inside Dos Bosco Chapel- Brasilia, Brazil [655×1023]
byu/rehlingenn inArchitecturePorn

3. Egypt

Now THAT would be an amazing visit.

The Tomb of Ramesses VI, The Valley of Kings, Egypt
byu/parisianseine inArchitecturePorn

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

It looks like some sort of optical illusion.

Very narrow corner house, Amsterdam, Netherlands
by inArchitecturePorn

1. Mill Run, Pennsylvania

A little hidden treasure.

Fallingwater under snow, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1935.
byu/ADarkcid inArchitecturePorn

Really inspiring, all of it.

What’s your favorite building to visit?

Tell us in the comments.