If you’re ready to be bombarded by some nice and wholesome posts about cats, well guess what…? You’re in the right place!

Because these posts are gonna give you the warm and fuzzies until you can’t handle it anymore, and that’s a good thing!

Are you ready to meet some furry felines who are gonna make your heart melt? Let’s get started now!


1. Been with you through everything.

Your constant companion.

Just turned 21 years. He has accompanied me through teenage years, college, marriage, and was still able to meet my 4 month old baby. Thank you for a lifetime of companionship…I love you with all my 💓.
byu/amsa40 inaww

2. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship.

And we’re here for it!

I’m her eyes and she is my heart .
byu/Yahwini incats

3. This is amazing.

We’re so glad the cat was safe.

A woman found her cat alive sixteen days after a destructive tornado in Joplin, Missouri, in 2011.
byu/Gaeloto inpics

4. No longer scared and aggressive.

This is what love does, people!

When I adopted Penny from a shelter 10 years ago she was scared and aggressive. Today she is the most loving cat I have ever met.
byu/hitthebrownnote incats

5. I don’t think so!

None of us really believe that anymore.

People: Black cats are bad luck! Black cats:
byu/TazedTaco inaww

6. You have two new cats now.

I hope he took them home.

A hiker woke up in the night feeling a weight on his legs. He took a photo with his phone and this is what he saw.
byu/9999monkeys inaww

7. A real work of art.

And the painting ain’t bad, either.

Could you please say “Hi” to Peany? 😺
byu/lupiloopdiloop inaww

8. A cat in Russia.

This kitty knows the drill.

The conductor of the Pskov-Moscow train feeds the cat Felix during a short stop on Staraya Russa. According to the woman, Felix comes every day to the tail of the train at 22: 40 for several years. All conductors know the cat and prepare the sausage in advance.
byu/Ancient-Interaction inaww

9. What are the chance?!?!

So glad she found her lost cat.

Woman goes to pet cats at a shelter and finds her cat who had been missing for a year
byu/liefieblue inaww

10. You are now a supermodel.

Time to hit the runway!

Nimbus leveled up from Crinkled Tissue to Supermodel
byu/211av8r inaww

11. Get a load of these two!

A pair of beauties.

Mother and her Baby ❤
byu/Luciphyr729 inaww

12. Waiting for Dad to get home.

Hey, I’m over here in the living room!

My husband has been working from home since March 27 but Marty still waits for him at the front door at 5pm every day
byu/beyoncetofupadthai inaww

13. You did a good thing.

Let’s all go the extra mile like this person did when it comes to helping animals. Deal?

Saved a cat in the freeway today I45 no hesitation pulled over immediately, grabbed from traffic.
byu/_ItsLy_ inaww

How about you?

Do you have any kitties in your house?

If so, please share some photos with us in the comments and tell us all about them.

We can’t wait to meet these little rascals!

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