I need a little boost right now. Something to get me out of the less-than-stellar mood I’ve been in lately.

And I think I have just the thing!

Wholesome dog posts!

They just have the ability to put a big smile on my face IMMEDIATELY.

And I bet they do the same for you or else you probably wouldn’t be here, right?

Enjoy these wholesome posts!

1. The look of shame.

But I bet she enjoyed it!

2. Awwww. How cute!

I have a present for you.


3. Now you both have keys!

Let’s hit the road!

This is Billie. She never understood why I had a set of keys to bring in the car and she didn’t. I got her a set of her own and now she insists on bringing them anytime we go for a drive!
byu/Aeaex inaww

4. Did you just see that?!?!

Totally blown away.


5. That is amazing.

It almost didn’t look real.


6. The dog is totally in love.

And he’ll protect her forever.


7. That is perfect.

Life imitating art, am I right?

Made me smile during a traffic back up
byu/sunnydaffodil1 inaww

8. We need to have a little chat.

I can’t do everything on my own, you know…

9. This could not have played out more perfectly.

Just look at those choppers!


10. This definitely brightened my day.

Doesn’t get much better than that.


11. Listen to this doggo’s advice.

And look out for each other!

Good pupper
by inaww

12. A great story.

What a good dog!

A Puppy Saved From A Fire Becomes A Firefighter
by inaww

13. Let’s end on this high note.

What a beautiful photo.


I can’t really think of anything that makes me as happy as wholesome dog posts!

It’s a way of life, okay?

Now we want to meet your pooches!

In the comments, share a pic of your doggo and tell us a little bit about them! We need more dogs over here!

Please and thank you!