A little love goes a long way, ya know? And that is especially true when it comes to rescue animals.

If you have any rescue pets, you already know that this is definitely true.

All these creatures want is to be loved and to have a safe place to live out their days and when a human is generous to make it happen, they reward them with a lifetime of happiness and companionship.

Here are some wholesome photos of rescue animals that we think you’ll love. Let’s take a look.

1. Look at how happy he is now!

From rags to riches.

I adopted this baby from the Dominican Republic 1 month ago- my mom didn’t believe me that it was the same dog. I named him Remi and he suffered from mange and malnutrition, not anymore!
byu/Knottygirl420 inBeforeNAfterAdoption

2. Head over heels in love.

Get a load of Brutus!

I adopted 12 year old Brutus a few months ago. He is sluggish, stubborn, gassy, hogs the bed and drools so much I have actually slipped on my kitchen floor. And I’m head over heels in love with him.
byu/mamawalnutz inaww

3. I think you two are gonna make a great couple.

That’s a great-looking dog!

Reddit, this is Bella. First dog I have had in 20 years.
byu/RobKei inaww

4. Rescued from a feral cat colony.

She is absolutely adorable!

She was rescued from a colony of 30 feral cats in NE Ontario. She follows me around for snuggles, and will snuggle me for hours. I think this one’s gonna be a foster fail…
byu/lavendarlandslide inaww

5. These two are gonna be best friends forever.

I love this!

Four days since adoption and new kitten Charlie is loving his big brother Tipsy.
byu/tipsyenzo incats

6. Look at all this food!

Now she’s gonna be living the high life!

This is Bonnie. She is happier to see the food aisle than just recently being adopted
byu/Twigsnapper inaww

7. Oh my God, I love this photo.

Make yourself at home!

Rescued a couple brothers this weekend
byu/eastbeard inaww

8. She adopted you!

She’s not going anywhere.

After 3 long months of trying to get her trust. This cutie has finally adopted me!!
byu/AlexThatGuy97 inaww

9. The best part of your life.

You saved his life. Great work!

Our new rescue dog Patches. He is deaf and would have been put down if we didn’t adopt him. He is now the best part of our lives! I have cuter photos if people want to see!!!
byu/kursedpickle inaww

10. I think she’s fitting in just fine.

The look of pure joy.

Recently adopted a kitten, this was a pic of her first night home!
byu/xTheLinkX inaww

11. This is just too much.

I love those jammies!

Our recently adopted old pup is enjoying his new rocket jammies
byu/poppedcorn-10 inaww

12. Not being shy anymore.

Greyhounds are gentle giants.

We adopted a retired racing greyhound that was too afraid to interact with our other dog. A few months later and they’re over here smoochin
byu/howellscastle23 inaww

13. Two peas in a pod.

Welcome home!

Adopted these two little beauties from the animal shelter. Say Hi to Loki and Thor 🙂
byu/Bischiboss inaww

Do you have any rescue pets at home?

If the answer is YES, share some photos with us in the comments.

And tell us a little bit about them!