You’ve probably seen at least a few Cheems memes by now, right?

If not… here ya go!


There are TONS of memes out there featuring this previously unknown dog who likes to sport a mischievous grin. What can you say, he was born to be famous. And this dog is everywhere! But behind the memes is a real pooch who’s just living his best life.

His name is Balltze and he’s a Shiba Inu who lives in Hong Kong with his family.

Balltze is 9-years-old and his family adopted him about eight years ago. Now it’s safe to say that he’s pretty much a big celebrity, so go find a bunch of Cheems memes if you’ve never looked at them before.

Let’s go to know this delightful dog named Balltze in the photos below. And remember to follow him on Instagram!

1. There he is!

Looking good!


2. Time to take a break.

It’s hard being famous.


3. Time to eat!

Gotta get the day started the right way.


4. A little water therapy for the good boy.

Looks like he’s trying to escape.


5. Time for some belly rubs.

You know he loves it!


6. I like the looks of this!

A spitting image of Balltze.


7. Time to party!

Blow out the candle!


8. Looks like a famous film director.



9. Have you ever seen a happier pup?

Like I said, living his best life.


10. That’s when you know you’ve made it.

Nice work!


I love this guy!

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