Zach Keith is 13-years-old, but he’s already 6’2″ tall and wears size 18 shoes. His mother is a single parent, and she was having a tough time finding affordable shoes that fit her son’s feet. She knew her son needed the shoes, so she decided to reach out to Instagram for help. She tagged several news outlets and sporting goods stores, hoping for a donation.


Her post got the attention of a CBS news anchor, who reached out to Shaquille O’Neal. O’Neal could relate to Keith’s struggles. When he was a teenager, Bruce Teilhaber, the owner of Friedman’s Shoes in Atlanta, gifted O’Neal with free shoes. O’Neal decided to surprise Keith at the store that had been so generous to him.

Keith was stunned to walk into the store and see Shaq. He was even more surprised when O’Neal bought him 10 pairs of shoes. He also gifted Keith with extra cash and his phone number.

O’Neal took the opportunity to pay it forward. Someone was kind to him, and he passed on that kindness to Keith. It’s a reminder for us all to remember the moments of kindness we’ve been shown and to pay it forward whenever we can.