Nobody talks to you quite the way your family does. And that’s good, because if strangers sent you the sort of texts these brothers send, you’d probably either punch them in the face or run away or both.

Enjoy these brotherly connection moments captured on Instagram.

14. The doctor is out

This is how families are irreparable split in two.

13. Sushi ya

The “who’s on first” of our generation.

12. lol

Ironically, this is no laughing matter.

11. The great debate

Some of the most eloquent minds of a generation.

10. Have patience

Some families save up college money, some a bail fund.

9. A flock of birds

Something is about to go down.

8. Bovine retribution

The results could be udderly disastrous.

7. Flying high

Do you give a standing O every time your train makes a stop too?

6. Loud and proud

It’s good to check in on these things now and again.

5. Making history

Well, the first time we’d KNOW of.

4. Order of operations

The heck kind of kush life is this dude living?

3. Incorrect

The bigger they dream, the harder they fall.

2. Info dump

Boy, he really hath a way with words.

1. Baby talk

This is the start to something I don’t think I want to see.

If you haven’t talked to your brother in a while, maybe shoot him a text. And then screenshot the results because they’ll probably be hilarious.

What’s the weirdest conversation you’ve had with a family member recently?

Tell us all about it in the comments. Please and thank you!