They say “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and it’s definitely true.

Some of us, 65% of the world’s population, in fact are visual learners.

Providing an info graphic doesn’t just help illustrate the point, it can actually help people internalize it.

That’s one of the reasons the r/coolguides sub reddit is so popular, providing dozens of cool info graphics and guides.

Here are 14 Cool Guides that really bring the point home and help to simplify complicated topics.

1. Equity – more than just a DEI buzzword

And also not the end of the conversation.

Inequality v. Equality v. Equity v. Justice
byu/hannah15153 incoolguides

2. Same concept, different picture

Because there’s more than one way to explain things.

Explanation of the subtle differences between equality and equity
by incoolguides

3. Recognize the symptoms

Sometimes fainting is just fainting.
But sometimes it’s something more.

I’ll never remember this mid-heart attack but this is good to know
byu/sweet_potato_75 incoolguides

4. What it’s actually like to be color blind

In all it’s different forms.

Different forms of Color blindness
byu/guilded-iron incoolguides

5. How to handle a dementia patient

With empathy, and so as to get your desired results.

How to treat people with dementia
byu/Snoo_3771 incoolguides

6. The actual truth about depression

And what it looks like from the outside looking in.

A more comprehensive guide to symptoms of depression
byu/starbuilt incoolguides

7. And then you add ADHD into that mix

It’s a whole different ball game.

How untreated ADHD causes and traps you in depression
byu/dartmaster666 incoolguides

8. Can you recognize the signs of mental abuse?

Trauma can take so many forms. So can patience.

Recognizing a Mentally Abused Brain
byu/halfs2010 incoolguides

9. But there are ways to release “happiness chemicals”

Legal activities, in all 50 states.

Activities that make your brain release happy chemicals
byu/Poohannes incoolguides

10. And how exactly does gerrymandering change things?

You might need some of those happiness chemicals once you see the chart.

How gerrymandering works
byu/jacksonsprite incoolguides

11. Or how about fascism?

What is it, anyway? Here’s a handy guide.

From the US holocaust museum
byu/Placeptnik incoolguides

12. Or how about the lesser known variations of the Confederate flag?

I saw them once in 8th grade, but that maybe have been the last time.

The history of confederate flags.
byu/SFgiant55 incoolguides

13. What does “defund the police” actually mean?

Here’s a list of their demands.

Five Demands, Not One Less. End Police Brutality.
byu/gitgudsam incoolguides

14. And what even are marginal taxes?

There may not be anything more complicated than the tax code.

Marginal Tax
byu/TheMexicanJuan incoolguides

Y’all, I don’t know if I even consider myself a visual learner, but I sure do love infographics.

What’s your favorite Cool Guide? Tell us in the comments!